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Natural vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

Not all of the stone that you see on the exterior and interior of homes is a natural stone cut from the quarry. Much of it is manufactured stone or stone made from cement aggregates for texture and pigments for colour. Both products can be used for fireplaces, home exteriors, landscaping, and much more. But which is right for your project? We’ll compare natural vs manufactured stone veneer so you can make an informed decision. Beauty and Texture One of the most important factors in your decision will, of course, be the look of the final product. Nothing compares to … Continue reading Natural vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

Benefits of Interlocking Brick vs Natural Stone

Once you’ve chosen interlocking for your project, you have another choice between brick and natural stone. Both are beautiful, durable materials that can make your driveway, garden, patio, or other hardscaping features look lovely. So, it may not be obvious to you which you should choose. Here’s our quick guide to comparing the benefits of interlocking brick versus stone so that you can make your decision. What is the Difference Between Natural Stone and Brick Interlocking? The basic difference between these two materials is that brick interlocking is made from concrete or other compressed stone materials, while natural stone is … Continue reading Benefits of Interlocking Brick vs Natural Stone

Banas Stones Feature

About Banas Stones Banas Stones is a major supplier of beautiful natural stone for modern landscaping. The company’s primary focus is on providing top quality products and establishing their own infrastructure to do so. With a focus on doing business sustainably and responsibly, Banas Stone quarries all of its natural stone ethically. The company follows high safety standards so that you can feel confident in the stone you use. As a family-owned and operated business, Banas Stones understands how important your home is as a space to share time together and hope their products will help create this space outdoors. … Continue reading Banas Stones Feature

Five Project Ideas to Utilize Panelized Stone Siding

What is Panelized Stone Siding? Panelized stone siding intertwines the rugged good looks of stone with the convenience of siding. It’s lighter than stone, costs less, and due to its fastening system, is much simpler to install than stone. It also offers additional benefits, including increasing your home’s value. The look of stone has never gone out of style and adding panelized stone siding can truly make a house stand out in the neighborhood. Not sure where to start incorporating panelized stone siding to your home? Check out some of the creative ideas here to spark your imagination and kickstart … Continue reading Five Project Ideas to Utilize Panelized Stone Siding

What Are the New and Latest Brick Paver Patio Designs for 2018?

Spring landscaping season is just around the corner here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies. And that means things like: Spring patio maintenance Setting a landscaping budget for your projects Putting down fresh mulch Opening your backyard pond It also means learning what the new and latest brick paver patio designs are for 2018. So without further ado, here’s some of what you can expect to find this year from selected interlocking paver companies Lane’s Landscaping Supplies proudly carries. Visit our catalogue to view our entire product selection. Permacon (all images from This year’s interlock paver collection from Permacon is all … Continue reading What Are the New and Latest Brick Paver Patio Designs for 2018?

The Difference Between Concrete & Clay Interlock Pavers (Infographic)

Clay or concrete interlock pavers. They’re essentially the same thing, right? Not quite. At Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, we favour concrete over clay because of its unique advantages and properties. What are they? Take a look at this infographic to find out. You can click it to open it in a new window.   We’re Southern Ontario’s concrete interlock brick experts Whether you need concrete pavers for your backyard walkway or driveway, Lane’s Landscaping Supplies has the best homeowner and contractor products for your project. We have a large selection of products in stock. We have the knowledge to answer all … Continue reading The Difference Between Concrete & Clay Interlock Pavers (Infographic)

Huge One Day Unilock Natural Stone Sale on Thu, July 21

What are you doing on Thursday, July 21? If you’re in the market for Unilock natural stone products, you should register to receive a special discount during a one day sale taking place at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies: 3500 Mavis Rd Mississauga, ON L5C 1T8 Unilock has overestimated their inventory. As a result, they need to get rid of extra stock ASAP. Which means the savings and selection gets passed along to you. Register now This special one day sale is available to all homeowners or contractors. Only those who register will be able to take advantage of these big savings. … Continue reading Huge One Day Unilock Natural Stone Sale on Thu, July 21

Check Out Our 2016 Interlock Product Lineup

The 2016 selection of interlocking pavers  from Canada’s best suppliers is now here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies: Unilock Permacon Oaks Let’s meet them, shall we? Images courtesy of Unilock, Permacon & Oaks Concrete Products, respectively. Click on each image to view a larger version. Unilock   EnduraColor Last year’s exciting newcomers are back in 2016 and ready to impress with style and versatility. Artline Never has something so simple looked so stunning. The clean, sleek lines and shape of Artline pavers are designed to immediately stand out.   Bristol Valley In 2015, many homeowners used Bristol Valley stones instead of … Continue reading Check Out Our 2016 Interlock Product Lineup

Pattern Suggestions for Laying Down Unilock Concrete Products

We want to feature one of our great suppliers, here are some laying patterns for Unilock products, a big part of this year’s Interlock Revolution. As always, we hope you’ll find some design inspiration for your outdoor landscaping. Each pattern link opens in a PDF as a new window. Brussels Block The low cost and aged, tumbled finish of the blocks makes it a one-of-a-kind paving stone that has similarities to aged cobblestone.Click for Brussels Block laying patterns. Thornbury Thornbury’s moderately textured surface along with it’s three compatible sizes creates a simple, yet appealing, random look and feel.Click for Thornbury laying patterns.   … Continue reading Pattern Suggestions for Laying Down Unilock Concrete Products

Natural Stone is Growing in Popularity. Why?

Each year there’s a landscaping trend which explodes in popularity. In 2013, it was about contrasting bright floral colours with dark, black fencing. 2014 was all about incorporating water elements into the backyard. This year’s hot landscaping trend is all about natural stone. Landscaping rocks, granite boulders or sandstone slabs, Mississauga homeowners are choosing to go natural with their stone selections. Here are some reasons why: Variety  With natural stone, there are many different options to choose from. For example: Black granite Sandstone landscapes Limestone tiles Paving stones and flagstone Interlocking patio stones And since natural stone is available in … Continue reading Natural Stone is Growing in Popularity. Why?