Lane’s Landscaping Policy During COVID-19


UPDATE – March 23rd, 2020:


After further consideration, Lane’s Landscaping has made the decision to temporarily close our operations until it is deemed safe for employees to return.

This decision is not taken lightly and we sincerely apologize to those customers who rely on us to continue working, but the safety of all Lane’s Landscaping employees must come first.

The next two weeks is a critical period to slow down the spread of COVID-19, especially in a time when so many people are returning from abroad.

We remain optimistic that this will be a short-term situation if everyone does their part.


Please continue to be patient and keep safe. 


Our aim is to keep everyone safe, healthy, and working to the best of our ability. Our policies will be updated as conditions change.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we apologize for any inconvenience these changes may have caused.