Garden Rocks and Aggregates

Look past the grass and into the garden of most eye-catching landscapes and what do you often see? Garden rocks. Although they go by many different names – landscape gravel, landscaping stones, landscape rocks, landscape pebbles – the end result in their use is always the same: a beautifully built garden with a subtle but noticeable natural effect.

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Garden rocks add colour and character to one of the most important aspects of your outdoor living space

If you’re including a garden in your landscaping project, chances are you’re going to want it to look as well-maintained and tended to as possible – that it looks vibrant and clean at all times. That’s where garden rocks play a huge role, adding both colour and character to your yard while not drawing attention away from the green of your garden itself.

With so many options to choose from, you’ll find that there’s a perfect combination of colour and style for every garden, regardless of its contents or size.

We carry a colourful selection of garden rocks to help you bring the perfect touch to your greenery

Both homeowners and contractors working on a new landscaping project will likely find themselves in need of garden rocks at some point down the line, and Lane’s Landscaping is here to help you choose the right products for your vision. We carry a wide range of rocks that come in many different colours, sizes, shapes and styles, and are always on hand to talk to you about the ones we think will fit your garden the best.

Don’t know how much you need, use our landscape calculator to find out!

Call them what you will – landscape gravel, landscaping stones, landscape rocks, landscape pebbles – but under any name, garden stones bring a beautiful touch to any yard. Browse our products or contact us today to find the right ones for you.