Interlock Costs Which Deliver Exceptional Value

It’s a question we hear all the time at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies: “How much does interlock cost?” And we always give the same answer: “It depends on your budget and what you need for your project.”

What goes into calculating the cost of interlock pavers for your project?

Regardless of what your project is, there are four common factors which go into determining interlock costs:

1. How much you’ll need:

A smaller project will obviously cost less than a bigger one. Landscape suppliers may be able to provide favorable bulk prices if you purchase a large amount.

2. Composition:

Natural stone interlock has a different cost point than limestone or concrete. The interlock material you want for your patio or walkway will impact its cost.

  • Natural or limestone interlock pavers extracted from quarries have an exquisitely organic look. That specialized manufacturing process – along with shipping – can result in a higher cost.
  • Factory-made patio stones (like concrete and brick pavers) come in a variety of colours, styles and shapes allowing you to create a great look for your project at a potentially lower cost vs. natural products.

3. Brand:

When you purchase interlock from the most trusted brands in Canada, expect to pay a bit more. You’ll save in the long term by not having to fork out for replacement interlock costs.

  • Lane’s is an authorized dealer of trusted brands (Unilock, Permacon, Banas, Navascape, BWS, Triple H) which are weather-resistant, less prone to chipping and cracking and won’t lose their colour over time.

4. Installation requirements:

Having a contractor install your interlock will cost extra vs. doing it yourself. You may also need to purchase additional products in order to complete your project.

  • Some questions you need to answer: How much aggregate do you need for your base? Do you need a saw to cut your pavers to fit? Would you like to add stone edging?

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So why don’t we put interlock costs on our website?

In your research, you may have seen other websites display “average interlock costs.” At Lane’s, we want to give you accurate, reliable interlock stone prices. Not an average price that can vary wildly.


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There are simply too many factors which impact the cost of interlock stone prices.

In addition to the ones already mentioned, other factors impacting interlock stone prices include:

  • Supplier pricing
  • Material shortages
  • Fuel-related costs
  • Labour costs
  • Shipping prices

Secondly, by knowing specific details about your project, we can give you a more accurate estimate of your interlock costs. That way, no false expectations are set.

The cost of interlock adds value to your home – guaranteed

Just like remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, updating your patio or driveway with interlock makes your house worth more.

  • Looking to sell your home? A brand new interlocking patio can instantly add value that’s several times worth the cost you paid for the pavers themselves.
  • Want to enjoy your backyard more? With new interlock pavers in place, you’ll be spending more time relaxing or entertaining than ever before. You can’t put a price on that.
Interlock Cost
interlock paver and stone costs in Mississauga
  • Want to increase its curb appeal? A bright, solid and long-lasting interlocking project will make your yard the envy of all the neighbours. You can’t put a price on that either.

It’s important to know that whatever you spend on interlock pavers, you’ll recover that cost and much more in boosted home value and curb appeal.

One interlock cost you can be sure of: $159 flat rate delivery

When budgeting your project, you can set aside a flat rate fee of $159 delivery of our interlock products to the following areas:

  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • Brampton
  • Milton
  • Burlington
  • GTA

Aggregates are also available for delivery.