How to Build a Fire Pit with Pavers

Does your backyard have a fire feature? You can create an elegant fire pit all yourself, to roast marshmallows on or entertain guests around. All you need are interlocking pavers that match the style of your landscape a few tools, plus an afternoon to complete the project. Here is how you can build your own fire pit with pavers.  Materials You’ll Need  To start, gather these materials:  Interlocking stones  Level  Sand or rocks  Shovel  Tape measure  Steel rake  Wheelbarrow  How to Build a Fire Pit with Pavers  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to build a fire pit with pavers:  … Continue reading How to Build a Fire Pit with Pavers

Do Interlocking Bricks Cut Down on Construction Costs?

Construction materials can be costly. Smart homeowners and home builders are always looking for ways to reduce costs while creating the same quality as a professional build. Interlocking bricks are a great option for this purpose. They don’t just reduce your material costs; they can also reduce your transportation and labour costs. Here’s what you need to know about interlocking bricks and how they can cut down on your construction costs.  What are Interlocking Bricks?  Interlocking bricks are engineered bricks that lock into each other without the use of mortar. They use a shear key and lock mechanism to stay in place. … Continue reading Do Interlocking Bricks Cut Down on Construction Costs?

How to Build a Small Retaining Wall with Pavers

Interlocking pavers can make beautiful retaining walls that enhance your landscape’s looks and function. However, it’s easy to make mistakes when building the wall. You need to carefully plan and execute the build, or you could end up with a wall that crumbles and fails in a year or so. Here’s how to build a small retaining wall with pavers properly.  Tools and Materials You’ll Need  Here are the tools and materials you need to gather before you start: Interlocking pavers  Sand and/or crushed gravel  A level, at least 4-feet long  Spray paint  8-foot 2×4 lumber   Rubber mallet  Construction adhesive  … Continue reading How to Build a Small Retaining Wall with Pavers

How to Keep Road Salt from Hardening and What To Do If It Happens

Winter is synonymous with cold weather and heavy precipitation, such as snow, freezing rain, and icy road conditions. Many of us are keen to bring out our snowblowers, shovels, and road salt to make it through winter storms.    Sometimes though, rock salt can harden, which limits its usefulness. When this occurs, breaking apart this material to spread evenly over icy surfaces is a challenge. If you’re wondering how you can store road salt and prevent it from hardening, consider adopting these ideas. Also, read along to discover what you can do if it happens.   What is Road Salt?  Road … Continue reading How to Keep Road Salt from Hardening and What To Do If It Happens

Winter Driving Safety Tips

When you’re driving in snow, safety is your first concern. However, most people don’t brush up on their driving skills or their winter safety equipment as frequently as they should. If it’s been some time since you considered if you’re being as safe as possible, this information is for you. After all, vehicles, snow safety equipment and road salt have changed.  We’ll discuss winter driving safety tips and provide a winter car safety checklist.  Winter Car Safety Checklist  Most people know to have a blanket in the car and a shovel in the car, but you’re probably missing something on … Continue reading Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Salt and Its Impact on Your Driveway

When ice and snow hit your driveway, it creates a slippery hazard that needs immediate attention. The most common way to prevent the perilous risks of falls in the winter is to sprinkle some rock salt on pathways. However, as harmless as salt might appear, it can cause some pretty serious damage to your property when not used properly. Here’s how salt impacts your driveway and what you can do to avoid damage. What is Rock Salt? Rock salt is sodium chloride and contains a mix of grit, gravel and stones. When applied to your driveway it begins to heat … Continue reading Winter Salt and Its Impact on Your Driveway

How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months

As the temperatures drop and the snow covers up your flowerbeds, bushes and shrubs, you don’t need to abandon your backyard until next spring. There’s no question your property doesn’t look quite as pristine in the winter months and the sun has lost much of its warmth, but you can still heat things up with a key addition or two to your outdoor landscaping. Install a Firepit Firepits make a great addition for those warm summer nights, but a firepit in the winter is just as enjoyable. In fact, many people prefer to sit outside and stay warm around a … Continue reading How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months

Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Fall and Winter 

If fall is your favourite, you are not alone! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy your outdoor space as the colours become vibrant and the temperature takes a turn towards sweater weather. If you want to continue to enjoy your yard, your hot tub and your bbq through fall, you absolutely can! And, if you are excited to enjoy your outdoor winter décor, here are some landscaping lighting ideas that will keep you safely lit straight through the winter.  Don’t Miss a Thing  The good news, during the peak foliage you don’t need to make any adjustments to your lights. It is, however, an excellent time … Continue reading Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Fall and Winter 

How to Clean Paving Stones

If you have interlocking pavers or other stones then you should know how to clean these paving stones to keep your patio area looking fresh and well maintained. No matter what type of paving stones you have, be it slabs, concrete, or singles, your cleaning procedure is the same. In most cases, a little hard work, a brush, and soapy water are all you need to scrub up your pathways and have them looking as good as new once more. If you have more stubborn stains that need to be removed, or problems with weeds, algae, or just general dirt … Continue reading How to Clean Paving Stones

Banas Stones Feature

About Banas Stones Banas Stones is a major supplier of beautiful natural stone for modern landscaping. The company’s primary focus is on providing top quality products and establishing their own infrastructure to do so. With a focus on doing business sustainably and responsibly, Banas Stone quarries all of its natural stone ethically. The company follows high safety standards so that you can feel confident in the stone you use. As a family-owned and operated business, Banas Stones understands how important your home is as a space to share time together and hope their products will help create this space outdoors. … Continue reading Banas Stones Feature