How to Prevent Weeds in Your Rock Garden

You probably designed a rock garden in part to avoid maintaining plants, including watering and weeding. But there a plant is, annoyingly making the rocky conditions work. How do you get rid of this weed and make sure that nothing else like it can grow? We have some tips to help you prevent weeds in your rock garden and kill any that are already growing there.  Before You Put in the Rock Garden  There are some kinds of weed prevention that are much easier to implement before you have installed the rock garden. If you’re planning ahead, or you’re willing … Continue reading How to Prevent Weeds in Your Rock Garden

The Alliance Gator Products You Need to Protect Your Pavers

Your concrete interlock landscape designs are a major investment. They positively impact your curb appeal, while adding purpose to paths and creating outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Because of the time and money invested, you want to protect that investment with proper maintenance of your pavers.   Here we discuss the Alliance Gator products you need to protect and prolong the life and appearance of your hardscaping. Why You Should Protect Your Pavers  Although pavers are durable, over time the constant exposure to the elements can wear them down, destroying their integrity and appearance. When you use Alliance Gator products, … Continue reading The Alliance Gator Products You Need to Protect Your Pavers

How to Start Landscaping Your New Home from Scratch

Purchasing a brand new home is always exciting. However, when you first move in your property likely still looks like a building site. Once you are settled in it is time to tackle your landscaping. Here we explain how to landscape from scratch to create curb appeal and idyllic outdoor living space.  Start with Curb Appeal  Landscaping a new home from scratch includes both your front and back yards. Since your front yard is exposed for all to see, creating some curb appeal makes sense. You don’t have to get too carried away when creating curb appeal for your new … Continue reading How to Start Landscaping Your New Home from Scratch

8 Modern Paver Designs for Your Pool

Modern patio paver designs offer a unique aesthetic to your outdoor space. The scale, colour and configuration all contribute to the modern looks savvy homeowners are embracing today. Here we look at eight modern paver designs for your pool to create an idyllic summer oasis. 1. Diamonds are Forever Creating diamond patterns using paver stones is an excellent way to make a distinct statement. The angled stone pavers can be used in the entire area, or to create a runner-like path leading to different areas around the pool. The design can be subtle and monotone or created using different tones … Continue reading 8 Modern Paver Designs for Your Pool

Salt and Landscaping 101

Road salt is a must for the icy, snowy roads and walkways of Ontario. Although it does help keep the roads and your property safe, it can cause issues when not used properly. Here we provide a salt and landscaping 101 review so that you use salt more safely and effectively this winter. History of Road Salt Road salt was first tested in New Hampshire back in 1938 as a possible solution to de-ice roads. A few years later it was applied to local roads and highways. Salt use spread quickly to other states and Canada where ice and snow … Continue reading Salt and Landscaping 101

DIY Landscaping Projects Homeowners Should Do This Fall | Easy Ideas & Materials To Use

We all typically tend to focus on completing landscaping projects in the spring so we can enjoy the fruits of our labours when summer arrives. However, a perfect time of year to start your next DIY landscaping project is in the fall. First, you’ll have cooler weather to work more comfortably. Second, you won’t feel as rushed trying to get everything done before the May 24th long weekend rolls around. Here are some DIY landscaping projects ideal to tackle this fall. The Perfect DIY Outdoor Kitchen As barbecue season winds down it can be hard to hang up your apron … Continue reading DIY Landscaping Projects Homeowners Should Do This Fall | Easy Ideas & Materials To Use

The Complete Landscape Lighting Guide

Lighting plays a key role in your landscape scheme. It not only helps keep your property safe and secure but also adds drama and sets the tone for your outdoor space. Here is our complete landscape lighting guide to help you incorporate light into your outdoor space. Landscape Lighting Ideas Before you get started, you may want to consider how and where you’d like to use landscape lighting. Some popular landscape lighting ideas include: Your Home: Homeowners are adding nighttime curb appeal to their houses with lighting. When placed evenly along the foundation, you can draw attention to key elements … Continue reading The Complete Landscape Lighting Guide

Ideas for Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner’s exterior unit may not be pretty, especially in comparison to the garden surrounding it. How can you make your space a bit more attractive, without impinging on the air conditioner, which needs to easily disperse heat and draw in the air? Here are some ideas for landscaping around your air conditioner. Distance Plants need to be two to three feet away from the air conditioner. Otherwise, they block airflow, which will make the unit retain heat and undermine its energy efficiency. If you plan to add plants around the unit, you will need to ensure that once … Continue reading Ideas for Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

Natural vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

Not all of the stone that you see on the exterior and interior of homes is a natural stone cut from the quarry. Much of it is manufactured stone or stone made from cement aggregates for texture and pigments for colour. Both products can be used for fireplaces, home exteriors, landscaping, and much more. But which is right for your project? We’ll compare natural vs manufactured stone veneer so you can make an informed decision. Beauty and Texture One of the most important factors in your decision will, of course, be the look of the final product. Nothing compares to … Continue reading Natural vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

Outdoor Fireplace Trends

Are you wondering how to use your patio in the winter? Adding an outdoor fireplace can make your space warmer and more comfortable even when it’s snowing outside. In fact, there’s something quite peaceful and romantic about being outside next to the fire when it snows. If you’d like your own outdoor fireplace, but you’re not quite sure where to start, check out these outdoor fireplace trends to get inspired. Rustic, Circular Firepits Your outdoor fire feature doesn’t have to be too complicated. Lately, rustic and simple circular firepits have been all the rage. Choose a smooth, simple stone like … Continue reading Outdoor Fireplace Trends