Outdoor Fireplace Trends

outdoor fire pit

Are you wondering how to use your patio in the winter? Adding an outdoor fireplace can make your space warmer and more comfortable even when it’s snowing outside. In fact, there’s something quite peaceful and romantic about being outside next to the fire when it snows. If you’d like your own outdoor fireplace, but you’re not quite sure where to start, check out these outdoor fireplace trends to get inspired.

Rustic, Circular Firepits

Your outdoor fire feature doesn’t have to be too complicated. Lately, rustic and simple circular firepits have been all the rage. Choose a smooth, simple stone like those in our Sunset Firepit Kit, and add wrought iron wood holders and furniture nearby to add some sophistication.

Or head in the opposite direction and choose a textured stone with coping for a more complicated firepit look. We suggest you build out stone seating surrounding a more complicated stone firepit to make the most of this beautiful material.

Rectangular, Modern Fireplaces

If traditional and simple isn’t for you, then you might want to indulge in the latest trend of building square or rectangular fireplaces out of contemporary stones in dark colours. The square surface allows you to fit more seating closer to the fireplace, so you can entertain a larger group and make sure that everyone is warm. We suggest Lineo™ Dimensional Stone for modern-style fireplaces because it is smooth and available in a range of modern colour mixes. One trendy option is midnight charcoal, a mix of blacks and greys that looks lovely lit up by the fire.

Enhance your outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace. To learn more about fireplaces and fire features for your backyard, contact our team at Lane’s Landscaping today.

patio furniture and fire table

Furs and Side Tables

You can add more functionality and comfort to your fireplace with the two trending accessories: side tables and fur blankets. Side tables give you and your guests a spot for drinks and food and can add style to the space too. If you have a circular firepit, consider short, circular side tables that won’t take up much room and do match your seating.

If you have a long fireplace you have more room for taller, larger side tables that can hold more objects and make more of a statement. Teak is a trending material this year, and it’s great for side tables and safe for a nearby tall fireplace.

Furs are a big trending accessory for fire features this year. They add warmth and naturalize the space.

Sheltered Space for a Fireplace

If you are considering a more traditionally-shaped fireplace, like our Tuscany or Moda models, then you may want to build a sheltered space around the fireplace for seating and to protect from wind. You can use concrete or natural stone walls and add a ceiling with wood or other materials. Add greenery, a good distance away from the fire, to make the space more natural and add some life and colour.

Do you want to add warmth to your outdoor living space this season? Contact our team at Lane’s Landscaping to learn more about outdoor fireplaces today.