Buying Ice Melters & Sidewalk Salt for Homeowners

Supplying bags of salt to Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Brampton & Burlington

ice meltBefore the big winter storm hits (and you know it always does), be ready to clear your property with ice melters, sidewalk salt and driveway salt from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies.

When you visit Lane’s for winter salt needs, you’ll always find:

  • A well-stocked supply: While other landscape suppliers are running out of salt for driveways, there’s always a bag waiting for you here.
  • A large selection of salt products: Whatever your salting needs are, there’s a product that’s certain to meet them.

Best salt for snow

Using the best salt for snow can save you time, physical effort and even money (if you use a gas-powered snowblower).

  • Bulk driveway salt: Our most popular product. Perfect for large driveways. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Treated salt: Pre-wetted and fast acting. When it gets really cold in Mississauga, Peel & Halton regions, this is the salt you want to use.

Best ice melt and salt for ice

Keeping your sidewalk and steps free of ice is more than just common sense. It’s also a civic by-law and can protect you from potential legal issues.

  • Treated sand: A combination of sand and calcium chloride. Won’t freeze no matter how cold it gets. Provides instant traction and de-icing.
  • Eco-friendly bagged ice melt: Pet-friendly ice melt that’s safe for groundwater and grass. Minimal corrosion and staining. Can be used on all surfaces.

Sidewalk salt for every surface typeice melter

Tell us the surface you want to keep clear of ice and snow:

And we’ll tell you the best salt product to use.

Get your ice melters & bags of  salt from us now

Order your salt early and be prepared to clean up after the snow and ice hits.

Contact us for more information about our salt products or ask for a FREE quote if you already know what you want.