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An armour stone retaining wall (or just an armour stone wall in general) makes a ruggedly beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. This is crucial to your landscaping design project because every major artistic display needs a centerpiece, a point of focus that people are drawn to when they’re exploring an intricate, innovative design. Your front and back yard are no exception to this rule.

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We carry different styles of armour stone for Mississauga home owners and contractors

We understand the draw of armour stone as a building material and offer different styles to help home owners and contractors build a picture perfect addition to their yards. Among these are skidded armour stone and brown armour stone, both of which bring different benefits in terms of aesthetics and design.

We’ll work with you to understand your project goals so we can recommend the best style of armour stone for your needs. Whether you’re building an armour stone retaining wall or want to try something different and unique to your yard, we’re here to help you get the perfect product for your needs.

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Armour stone is a traditionally used building material with many uses

While an armour stone retaining wall is one of the more attractive, artistic and useful elements you can add to your yard, armour stone itself actually has several uses that you can choose from when you’re putting together your perfect outdoor paradise.

Its use as a centerpiece is not limited to retaining walls – it can be placed anywhere and still help bring that last stylistic and artistic touch to your yard. Talk to the professionals at Lane’s Landscape to get a better idea of what it can be used for and how it’ll fit in with your project.

Armour stone
Armour stone

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From a simple armour stone wall to an addition that spans the length of your yard, we’re here to help you with a selection of different styles such as skidded armour stone and brown armour stone and expert advice to bring you the best results for your project. To learn more about the benefits of an armour stone retaining wall or the products we carry, browse our selection or contact Lane’s Landscaping Supplies today.