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The Alliance Gator Products You Need to Protect Your Pavers

Your concrete interlock landscape designs are a major investment. They positively impact your curb appeal, while adding purpose to paths and creating outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Because of the time and money invested, you want to protect that investment with proper maintenance of your pavers.   Here we discuss the Alliance Gator products you need to protect and prolong the life and appearance of your hardscaping. Why You Should Protect Your Pavers  Although pavers are durable, over time the constant exposure to the elements can wear them down, destroying their integrity and appearance. When you use Alliance Gator products, … Continue reading The Alliance Gator Products You Need to Protect Your Pavers

The Complete Interlock Care Guide

When your interlocking was first installed, it looked great. Over time, dirt, stains, and efflorescence will accumulate on the interlock to undermine its good looks. If you try to clean your interlock improperly, you can further damage it, and even encourage weeds to grow. There are secrets to caring for your interlock and making it look brand-new even twenty years down the line. We’re ready to spill those secrets in this complete interlock care guide. Get the answers to all of your interlock maintenance questions below. How to Clean Interlock The first thing you need to know about caring for … Continue reading The Complete Interlock Care Guide

What’s Happening To Your Interlock Right Now?

Before winter arrived, you took steps to prepare your outdoor landscaping: You brought certain plants indoors You wrapped up trees and bushes in warm burlap sacks You spread one last layer of topsoil You put down fresh mulch to keep your garden warm When it comes to your interlock pavers, you may have sealed them with Techniseal products (available at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, by the way) in preparation for the cold weather. But they’re still outside and exposed to the elements, whether they be snow, ice pellets, sleet, wind or just plain cold temperatures. While you’re warm and cozy indoors, … Continue reading What’s Happening To Your Interlock Right Now?

Make Sure the Upcoming Freeze/Thaw Cycles Don’t Ruin Your Patio

As temperatures dip and rise over the next few months, there’s a good chance it’ll drop below 0⁰C for a few days before going back up. At least until the deep cold of winter fully sets in. This continual freeze/thaw cycle can impact the strength, appearance and integrity of your interlocking patio stones. For example:   Concrete interlocking pavers could crack if they’re old and/or of poor quality The joint sand underneath might settle unevenly as it freezes and thaws, causing the stones above to do the same (this is called “heaving”) Using the wrong type of bulk salt to … Continue reading Make Sure the Upcoming Freeze/Thaw Cycles Don’t Ruin Your Patio

Unilock Porcelain Landscape Tiles

Unilock Porcelain Tiles are now available at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies. Made from European porcelain manufactured in Italy, these tiles are exceptionally beautiful and can be used as patio stones, outdoor walkways, natural steps or even for your pool deck. They’re also tough, too. Unilock Porcelain Landscape Tiles are built to handle all sorts of weather conditions with: Freeze-thaw cycle durability Very low water absorption Scratch, stain, mold and salt resistance Looking to really make a statement with your outdoor landscaping? Porcelain Landscape Tiles from Unilock is a unique and attractive choice. Available styles If you think porcelain comes in just … Continue reading Unilock Porcelain Landscape Tiles

Win a $500 Gift Certificate Towards Your Unilock Purchase at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies

Lane’s Landscaping Supplies wants to give you a $500 gift certificate towards your Unilock product purchase. Just imagine getting $500 of Unilock absolutely free. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Entering is easy and, depending on what you do, you can receive up to 5 total entries: How do I enter? First, you’ll need to fill in the form on this page (this is the absolute minimum you can do to enter the contest) Just by filling in the form on this page, you’ll automatically be entered to win the $500 gift certificate. That’s one entry. Submit a picture On the form on … Continue reading Win a $500 Gift Certificate Towards Your Unilock Purchase at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies

Check Out Our 2016 Interlock Product Lineup

The 2016 selection of interlocking pavers  from Canada’s best suppliers is now here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies: Unilock Permacon Oaks Let’s meet them, shall we? Images courtesy of Unilock, Permacon & Oaks Concrete Products, respectively. Click on each image to view a larger version. Unilock   EnduraColor Last year’s exciting newcomers are back in 2016 and ready to impress with style and versatility. Artline Never has something so simple looked so stunning. The clean, sleek lines and shape of Artline pavers are designed to immediately stand out.   Bristol Valley In 2015, many homeowners used Bristol Valley stones instead of … Continue reading Check Out Our 2016 Interlock Product Lineup

Spring Patio Maintenance Checklist

It’s supposed to be winter, but the warm weather outside certainly indicates otherwise. Still, it’s a little too early to get outside and start working on spring cleanup for your interlocking patio stones. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about what needs to be done to your patio to get it ready for spring, summer and fall. That’s why we’ve put together a handy checklist of what you should do once winter is well and truly behind us (hey, you never know if or when we’ll get another snowfall). Task 1: Check the edging All your stones and … Continue reading Spring Patio Maintenance Checklist

From the Pros: Summer Patio Stone Care

Welcome to Lane’s Landscaping Supplies “From the Pros” series! Just as the name implies, the “From the Pros” series will feature professional tips and tricks to keep your landscaping and yard work looking its best all year long. Why launch “From the Pros?” In addition to being your trusted GTA landscape supplier, we’re also homeowners too. We’re always on the lookout for smart ways to save money and improve our own personal outdoor living spaces. And when we find some great professional tips, we want to share them with you. We certainly hope you enjoy reading – and learning – … Continue reading From the Pros: Summer Patio Stone Care

Unilock’s 2015 Product Lineup

The big moment of the Interlock Revolution is finally here: Revealing Unilock’s 2015 product lineup. And it’s quite impressive. Not all paving stones are created equal, and for those of us looking to complete a landscape project using stone in 2015, our creative options just increased thanks to the new product lineup from Unilock. New Unilock products Artline: The simple, clean and long lines of Unilock’s new Artline paving stone is an example of an emerging trend in modern, minimalist outdoor designs. Artline comes in a series of exclusive colours that can be combined, or used individually, to create graphic interest. Coming … Continue reading Unilock’s 2015 Product Lineup