Check Out Our 2016 Interlock Product Lineup

The 2016 selection of interlocking pavers  from Canada’s best suppliers is now here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies:

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Images courtesy of Unilock, Permacon & Oaks Concrete Products, respectively. Click on each image to view a larger version.





Last year’s exciting newcomers are back in 2016 and ready to impress with style and versatility.



Never has something so simple looked so stunning.

The clean, sleek lines and shape of Artline pavers are designed to immediately stand out.


Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley

In 2015, many homeowners used Bristol Valley stones instead of flagstone for certain projects.

That trend is expected to continue in 2016.




A slightly textured surface and compatible sizing options allow you to create a random, rugged appearance.



Classic Pavers

Classic interlock pavers from Unilock never go out of style and 2016 is no different.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block

It has a weathered, “just out of the quarry” look that fits in with any walkway, driveway or backyard design.





Found in public and private spaces, rectangular Hollandstone pavers are available in many colours and can be laid in various patterns.



Double Holland

Double Holland

Double the width of the traditional Hollandstone paver, the Double Holland lets you add a touch of variety to your project.





A large-sized paver that’s perfect for large, open areas (like public squares or driveways).

Europaver are ideal for creating a professional, formal look.




Unigranite pavers are made with real granite chips, creating dark, rich accents which compliment other interlocking patio stones.





Clean edges and slight surface undulations provide Windermere stones with their relaxed, laid back look and feel.



Permeable Pavers

Good looking interlock pavers that promote water runoff and can last a lifetime.



A popular trend that shows no sign of slowing down, Eco-Line pavers can be custom finished and is a budget-friendly interlock cost option.





Go anywhere in the world and you’ll find Eco-Optiloc permeable pavers.

They’re tough, feature a unique “L” shape design and are environmentally friendly.




Eco-Priora stones come in multiple shapes, which allows for great design flexibility. Face-mix technology allows them to keep their colour for years.



Town Hall

Town Hall

They have a charming, old-school look to them and can be installed using conventional and/or modern permeable paver methods.





These new Permacon additions for 2016 are all about sharp, straight lines.

Cassara Paver

Cassara Pavers

They combine the best of modern landscape architecture (a streamlined look) with multi-length and multi-colour creativity.



Cassara PlankCassara Plank Pavers

They’re lean, long and look unlike anything else.

Cassara Plank Pavers will make your patio or driveway look longer and sleeker than it is.


Cassara Slab

Cassara Slab

These powerful slabs instantly modernize the look and feel of any driveway, walkway or patio.

Multi-length stones add a touch of vitality to your project.


Melville Collection

Melville pavers are all about creating a unified look between front and back yard landscaping.

Melville 80

Melville 80 Paver

Smooth and timeless, the Melville 80 Pavers comes in three colours (beige, grey or black) and is a great compliment to paving slab products.



Melville 60

Melville 60 Paver

Bold colours highlight the Melville 60 Paver’s natural stone appearance.

Large stone sizes make it a smart choice for expansive spaces.


Melville 50

Melville 50 Slabs

These are new in 2016 but designed to never look dated.

They can be installed in linear or modular patterns.



The Luxemboug collection from Permacon emphasizes power and precision.

Luxembourg Classic

Luxembourg Classic Pavers

For those wanting a strong, linear pattern, Luxembourg Classic Pavers are the solid choice and come in a wide variety of colours.


Luxembourg PavesLuxembourg Paves

They look like the came from Europe’s famous town squares.

A chiselled, sophisticated look underlines a renaissance-type of charm.


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