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Benefits of Building a Block Retaining Wall

The Unilock retaining wall system creates a stylish and consistent look in your backyard, front yard, or anywhere else. There are many reasons you might want to build one yourself. Your Unilock wall can be placed strategically to give you more space, enhance landscaping, protect from flooding and erosion, as well as create a property boundary. However, it does take planning and time to get these great results. Wondering how to build a block retaining wall yourself? Here are the main steps to start strategizing and building based on what you envision for your space. Key Steps to Retaining Wall … Continue reading Benefits of Building a Block Retaining Wall

DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Thinking of sprucing up your backyard this summer but want to maintain a reasonable budget? Turn your backyard into a go-to retreat with friends and family using some simple DIY backyard landscaping ideas. With a bit of know-how and some fresh inspiration, you can make little changes that won’t break the bank and turn your yard into a haven you won’t want to leave. Here are 30 DIY ways to make your backyard awesome this summer. Backyard Makeover: Landscaping Ideas What better place to start than making some easy adjustments to the space you already have by adding unique features … Continue reading DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Winter Lawn Care. Preparing Your Lawn for Winter.

The first day of winter is quickly approaching, and according to all forecast reports, it’s expected to be a doozy. In order for your grass to come back strong in the spring, you need some proactive winter lawn care in the fall. With that in mind, here are some easy-to-follow tips on preparing your lawn for winter from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies. Winter lawn care tip 1: The last grass cut before winter Chances are November will be last month in the year you cut your grass (even if a very light snow has fallen). Right up until you can’t fire … Continue reading Winter Lawn Care. Preparing Your Lawn for Winter.

How to Ensure Your Landscaping Project Will be a Success

There’s no better way to get more from your outdoor living space and boost the overall value of your home than with a landscaping project. Do it right…and you’ll want to invite family and friends over to spend as much time outside as possible. Do it wrong…and you risk having a landscape that’s not to your liking; that’s built incorrectly, or both. If you’re wishing of new interlocking patio stones, custom landscape lighting, gorgeous natural steps, and more, learn how to make your dream come true instead of becoming a nightmare. 1. Set a realistic budget At Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, … Continue reading How to Ensure Your Landscaping Project Will be a Success

Fall Lawn Care Jobs You Might Forget to Take Care Of

Although it’s been a terrific summer here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, the first day of autumn (Saturday, September 28) is quickly approaching. That means less sunlight, shorter days, and colder temperatures. And before you it, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s will soon be here. So if you’ve got the following fall lawn care jobs on your list, now’s the best time to tackle them. Give your topsoil a bit of extra water Because summer’s been very hot and dry, you hydrated your topsoil every so often to ensure it doesn’t turn into plain old dirt. However, you’ll need to … Continue reading Fall Lawn Care Jobs You Might Forget to Take Care Of

Dead Grass? Here’s How to Make Grass Green Again

Enjoying the August weather? We certainly are here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies. While the sunshine and heat may be great for you, it can be downright murderous for your grass. And that goes double when there’s a lack of rain. As a result, your lawn may be covered with: Thinning patches. Brown spots. Dead grass colour or bald spots. Other things which can negatively impact your lawn’s health and appearance are animals, disease, and poor topsoil. Although it’s upsetting and unsightly, it’s not too late to bring it back to life. Here’s how to make grass green again. Aerate your … Continue reading Dead Grass? Here’s How to Make Grass Green Again

Why Summer is the Best Time to Seal Your Driveway and Repair It Too

Your interlocking paver, concrete, or asphalt driveway is beginning to show its age with things like: Stains. Cracks. Chips. Uneven interlock paver stones. It’s inevitable: You need to repair your driveway. With that in mind, right now (summer) is the perfect time to visit Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, pick up the products you need, and get it done. Here’s why. Summer is the best time for sealing your driveway In spring, fall, or winter, there may be too much precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) to properly seal your driveway. In summer, the hot temperatures allow any cleaners and sealers you use to … Continue reading Why Summer is the Best Time to Seal Your Driveway and Repair It Too

Pesky Weeds You’ll See this Summer (& How to Kill ‘Em) (Infographic)

No homeowner likes having weeds in their yard. Even worse, no homeowner likes spending time pulling weeds from the yard, either. Still, ugly and annoying weeds can overrun and ruin the lush, green lawn or colourful garden bed you worked hard to create. So consider this blog a public service announcement from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies as you learn what weeds you’ll encounter and how to eliminate them once and for all. Let Lane’s help you destroy ugly weeds this year This summer, you should spend more time enjoying your lawn than you should weeding it. And we want to help. … Continue reading Pesky Weeds You’ll See this Summer (& How to Kill ‘Em) (Infographic)

How to Clean and Seal Your Interlock Like a Pro

Throughout the year, your interlocking pavers from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies have been subjected to things like: Bleaching from the sun Oil stains (if you have interlock on your driveway) Mud Rain or excessive water Leftover driveway and sidewalk salt residue So chances are they aren’t looking quite as sharp as when you first laid them down. It’s inevitable that interlock or pavers will be exposed to wear and tear. Fortunately as a homeowner, you can bring their original lustre and beauty back by cleaning and sealing them just like the pros. The stuff you need Before you start, you’ll need … Continue reading How to Clean and Seal Your Interlock Like a Pro

Tips on Closing Your Backyard Pond

Way back in April, Lane’s Landscaping Supplies published a blog with tips on opening your backyard pond. Now that fall is here, it’ll soon be time to shut down your pond and protect it for winter. And here’s how to do it. In fall… Pay close attention to the outdoor temperature. As soon as it gets down to 10°C (that’s 50°F), you need to clean out your pond. Actually, you should tidy it up before it gets that cold because: IT’S MUCH EASIER TO CLEAN AND DRAIN pond water that’s not frozen (even a little) or covered in fallen leaves, … Continue reading Tips on Closing Your Backyard Pond