Do-It-Yourself: How to Build a Fire Pit with Bricks

cottage fire pit a lake

By learning how to build a fire pit with bricks, you can add a cozy gathering spot to your backyard that extends your family and friend entertainment time into the evening especially in the summer when everyone is eager to stay outside longer. A fire pit is perfect for roasting hot dogs or s’mores, sharing stories and memories, and bringing everyone together to spend some quality time after a long day.

Building a fire pit is simple, if you have the right materials and the know-how. Our do-it-yourself guide will help you make sure you have all of the necessary components to create an amazing fire pit in no time!

Materials to Build a Fire Pit

When building your own firepit, you’ll want to consider which bricks will look best in your space. Colour, shape, and size will all have an impact depending on the room you have available in your backyard or patio area and what style you’re going for.

In general, the best bricks for the fire pit are interlocking pavers. They’re durable, simple to handle, and completely safe. Keep in mind that if you use stones from a river or lake, they may explode from the heat of the fire. You can also build a firepit from larger manufacturers slab stones but they are cumbersome to handle.

The most durable choice is interlocking pavers. We carry a range of pavers, in many different colours and styles. If you’re aiming for a modern fireplace, the Beacon Hill Smooth is a great choice, while those who want a rustic fireplace might prefer Cassina instead. You can even buy specialized curved bricks for your firepit to make the build simpler.

backyard fire pit

DIY Outdoor Fireplace

Once you’ve chosen your bricks, you’ll need to map out how you want to install them. When making a firepit in the ground, you’ll need to think about what location in your yard is best and consider whether there are any elements such as small trees or other potentially flammable objects that could become a hazard. You’ll also want to check with your local fire regulations to be sure you’re following them before you get started.

When you’ve selected a safe spot, the next step is to create the design you want. The simplest firepit design is a small circle, about three feet in diameter. You can use small pebbles, various styles and colours of accent stones, and other fire safe materials to frame the outer area of your firepit space as you get to work and fill everything in more later.

The best way to build a simple firepit is as follows:

  • Step One: Mark the spot for your fireplace in your grass. Peg a post there and use a rope to draw a circle. Add the width of your brick plus three inches to the length of the rope and draw a second, larger circle.
  • Step Two: Remove the sod from the smaller circle. Dig down a few inches and make the bottom of the circle flat.
  • Step Three: Remove the sod from the outer ring. On that outer ring, lay out your bricks in a circular pattern.
  • Step Four: Build the pavers up at least 10 inches off the ground. You can cement them in place if you want the pit to be permanent, but it’s not necessary.
  • Step Five: Add sand or gravel inside the pit and a few inches around the pit in order to prevent fire from spreading.

There you have it, a brick fire pit in your own backyard!

More Creative Fire Pit Ideas

Now that you know the basics of how to build a fire pit with bricks, check out some more easy DIY fire pit ideas online to help you get creative and try different shapes and materials.

To help make your fire pit stand out, take a look at our selection of interlocking pavers and feel free to contact us anytime with questions or assistance.