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How to Use a Fire Pit Table

Fire features have become as popular as water features for backyards. In Canada, a fire feature can allow you to extend the useable season of your yard, keeping you warm when things get cool, or even when snow is on the ground. If you’re considering adding a fire pit table to your green space, it is important to place it with safety in mind. Here is how to use a fire pit safely in your space. Can You Put a Fire Table in a Screened Porch? No, it is typically not safe to use a fire table on a screened … Continue reading How to Use a Fire Pit Table

How to Keep Road Salt from Hardening and What To Do If It Happens

Winter is synonymous with cold weather and heavy precipitation, such as snow, freezing rain, and icy road conditions. Many of us are keen to bring out our snowblowers, shovels, and road salt to make it through winter storms.    Sometimes though, rock salt can harden, which limits its usefulness. When this occurs, breaking apart this material to spread evenly over icy surfaces is a challenge. If you’re wondering how you can store road salt and prevent it from hardening, consider adopting these ideas. Also, read along to discover what you can do if it happens.   What is Road Salt?  Road … Continue reading How to Keep Road Salt from Hardening and What To Do If It Happens

Winter Driving Safety Tips

When you’re driving in snow, safety is your first concern. However, most people don’t brush up on their driving skills or their winter safety equipment as frequently as they should. If it’s been some time since you considered if you’re being as safe as possible, this information is for you. After all, vehicles, snow safety equipment and road salt have changed.  We’ll discuss winter driving safety tips and provide a winter car safety checklist.  Winter Car Safety Checklist  Most people know to have a blanket in the car and a shovel in the car, but you’re probably missing something on … Continue reading Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Salt and Its Impact on Your Driveway

When ice and snow hit your driveway, it creates a slippery hazard that needs immediate attention. The most common way to prevent the perilous risks of falls in the winter is to sprinkle some rock salt on pathways. However, as harmless as salt might appear, it can cause some pretty serious damage to your property when not used properly. Here’s how salt impacts your driveway and what you can do to avoid damage. What is Rock Salt? Rock salt is sodium chloride and contains a mix of grit, gravel and stones. When applied to your driveway it begins to heat … Continue reading Winter Salt and Its Impact on Your Driveway

How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months

As the temperatures drop and the snow covers up your flowerbeds, bushes and shrubs, you don’t need to abandon your backyard until next spring. There’s no question your property doesn’t look quite as pristine in the winter months and the sun has lost much of its warmth, but you can still heat things up with a key addition or two to your outdoor landscaping. Install a Firepit Firepits make a great addition for those warm summer nights, but a firepit in the winter is just as enjoyable. In fact, many people prefer to sit outside and stay warm around a … Continue reading How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months

Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Fall and Winter 

If fall is your favourite, you are not alone! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy your outdoor space as the colours become vibrant and the temperature takes a turn towards sweater weather. If you want to continue to enjoy your yard, your hot tub and your bbq through fall, you absolutely can! And, if you are excited to enjoy your outdoor winter décor, here are some landscaping lighting ideas that will keep you safely lit straight through the winter.  Don’t Miss a Thing  The good news, during the peak foliage you don’t need to make any adjustments to your lights. It is, however, an excellent time … Continue reading Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Fall and Winter 

Environmental Effects of Road Salt and Limiting its Use

That fact is that we need road salt to help keep our roads and sidewalks safe. Unfortunately, this salt, which is made up of sodium and chloride, dissolves after it’s laid down and can flow into nearby waterways. This affects the water it’s going into, as well as any wildlife that uses that water source. Low concentrations of chloride can cause little to no effect. But higher concentrations can actually cause large pockets near the bottom of lakes, creating biological dead zones. And as these concentration levels rise, they can become quite fatal to aquatic life, such as plankton and … Continue reading Environmental Effects of Road Salt and Limiting its Use

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? How Does Salt Melt Ice on Roads?

We all know it helps keep our roads safe, but how does road salt work? Some of the most common questions around road salt include: Why does salt melt ice? How does salt melt ice on roads? What does salt do to snow? Read on to learn more about road salt and to discover its benefits. The History of Road Salt According to the Cary Institute, New Hampshire was the first known location to use salt to de-ice roads, beginning in 1938. “By the winter of 1941- 1942, a total of 5,000 tons of salt was spread on highways nationwide. … Continue reading Why Does Salt Melt Ice? How Does Salt Melt Ice on Roads?

What Happens if Your Dog Eats Road Salt?

Are you asking yourself: ‘What happens if my dog eats road salt?’ When the snow starts to melt, it can cause havoc for not only us but our pets too. The salt we use to protect us from slipping could be dangerous for your pet. The last thing you want is for your furry friend to become unwell. Discover the signs to look for and how to protect your pet this winter. What is Road Salt & What Happens if Your Dog Eats it? Road salt (sodium chloride) is a de-icing chemical used for maintaining roads and paths in places … Continue reading What Happens if Your Dog Eats Road Salt?

How is Road Salt Made?

How is road salt made? And what is road salt made of? You may be wondering if you’re purchasing this year’s salt bag, especially if you have some prized landscaping to protect. What is Road Salt Made Of? All road salt is, at its core, the same mineral — sodium chloride. You may be surprised to learn that this is identical to what you sprinkle on your scrambled eggs in the morning. With salt, the size and coarseness of the grain is everything. Fine, powdery white salts are reserved for kitchen use, while the chunkier, rougher pebbles of off-colour salt … Continue reading How is Road Salt Made?