How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months

As the temperatures drop and the snow covers up your flowerbeds, bushes and shrubs, you don’t need to abandon your backyard until next spring. There’s no question your property doesn’t look quite as pristine in the winter months and the sun has lost much of its warmth, but you can still heat things up with a key addition or two to your outdoor landscaping.

Install a Firepit

Firepits make a great addition for those warm summer nights, but a firepit in the winter is just as enjoyable. In fact, many people prefer to sit outside and stay warm around a firepit when the air is cold. Whether you want to get cozy with your significant other and look up at the stars or have friends over and make it a party, having a stylish, high-quality firepit installed in your yard will allow you to enjoy your landscaping all year long.

You can also throw some grates down and do some firepit cooking in the winter. There’s just something special about sitting outside in the cold air while the fire rages on and the smell of your favourite foods drift through the crisp air that creates special memories.

Consider a Fire table or Fireplace

If the thought of a firepit doesn’t get you excited, an outdoor fire table or fireplace may be just what you are looking for. These features add class to any backyard and even in the winter, they will be a gathering place for friends and family. Just like inside the house, a fireplace should be front and center in your outdoor living space, inviting everyone in to spend time and create memories. And a fire table has an almost surreal look to it that’s hard to resist.

Light Up Your Yard

Winter weather alone means that getting around your yard may be more hazardous than in the warmer months. And if you really want to enjoy your landscaping and keep everyone safe, adding quality lighting is a good idea. You can add lights along walkways or just around your fire feature so it stands out even more. Just be sure to take the safety aspect into consideration so your guests find it easy to get around.

Don’t Forget to Cover it Up

If you have a backyard firepit or fire table, it makes sense to cover them up when you aren’t using them. Most high-quality features like this are resistant to cold temperatures, but if you know that you’ll be going several days without going back there, cover it up with a good vinyl cover just to be on the safe side.

If you’d like a firepit, fireplace or fire table installed in your yard to boost your home’s value and keep the party going throughout the winter, just get in touch with us at Lane’s Landscaping today. We will answer all of your landscaping questions and help you plan your next big addition.