The Alliance Gator Products You Need to Protect Your Pavers

backyard patio with interlocking pavers furniture fireplace and pergolaYour concrete interlock landscape designs are a major investment. They positively impact your curb appeal, while adding purpose to paths and creating outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Because of the time and money invested, you want to protect that investment with proper maintenance of your pavers.  

Here we discuss the Alliance Gator products you need to protect and prolong the life and appearance of your hardscaping.

Why You Should Protect Your Pavers 

Although pavers are durable, over time the constant exposure to the elements can wear them down, destroying their integrity and appearance. When you use Alliance Gator products, you can help stop damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture, UV light, loosening pavers and weed growth. 

What are the Benefits of Protecting Your Pavers? 

You will find many benefits when you use Alliance Gator products to protect your pavers: 

  • Improved appearance: Using a product like Gator Seal Wet Look Finish by Alliance Gator offers a polished look that enhances the tones, textures and colours of your pavers. 
  • Weather resistance: Sealers help protect against the constant moisture that can cause the paver material to degrade over time. 
  • Reduce weed growth: Products like Gator Super Sand Bond by Alliance Gator and Supersand G2 help reduce weed growth that can ruin the look of your pavers. Weeds also loosen the sand that helps hold your pavers in place, and can also put pressure on newer pavers leading to cracks. 
  • Prevent staining: Staining from rust, salt, weed control products and vehicles can ruin the look of your hardscaping. When your pavers are protected, they can repel stains to keep their colour consistent. 
  • Improved drainage: Paver sealants help repel moisture which in turn improves drainage in the areas below and surrounding your hardscaping. 
  • Easier care: Sealants and sands make maintenance easier for your property as you won’t have to contend with weeds, or have to power wash your pavers every spring. 
  • Winter protection: Sealing pavers also improves winter protection of your pavers including reducing the risk for damage from snow shovels. 

As you can see, protecting your pavers not only prolongs the life of your pavers but also reduces maintenance of your hardscaping. 

What Alliance Gator Products Help Protect Pavers? 

There are several Alliance Gator products designed to protect pavers including: 

  • Gator Super Sand Bond by Alliance Gator: Supersand Bond is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand that becomes firm with the application of water. This creates a lock between the paver joints to protect against weeds and hold the pavers in place. The sand retains the flexibility to move with natural contracting and expansion caused by changing temperatures. 
  • Supersand G2 by Alliance Gator: Supersand G2 is made of calibrated sand and “intelligent” polymers that neutralize haze and dust and does not require a blower. 
  • Gator Seal Wet Look Finish by Alliance Gator: Gator Seal Wet Look Sealer is made from acrylic-based polymers. It penetrates concrete pavers to reduce oil and dirt penetration, and corrosion from de-icing salt. 

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