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Salt and Landscaping 101

Road salt is a must for the icy, snowy roads and walkways of Ontario. Although it does help keep the roads and your property safe, it can cause issues when not used properly. Here we provide a salt and landscaping 101 review so that you use salt more safely and effectively this winter. History of Road Salt Road salt was first tested in New Hampshire back in 1938 as a possible solution to de-ice roads. A few years later it was applied to local roads and highways. Salt use spread quickly to other states and Canada where ice and snow … Continue reading Salt and Landscaping 101

How Much Salt Do I Need for My Driveway?

Do you find that you’re pouring more and more salt on your driveway? You should only need 15 ounces of salt or about the salt that would fit in a small coffee mug, for every 20 feet of driveway you have. You’ll need 15 ounces per day for every day that you’ll expect to need to break up or prevent ice. You can find out how many days it snows on average in your town. If you’re in Ontario, 40 days of snow is a good estimate.  That’s 720 ounces of salt, or 45 pounds of salt, for every 20 feet of … Continue reading How Much Salt Do I Need for My Driveway?