How to Use a Fire Pit Table

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Fire features have become as popular as water features for backyards. In Canada, a fire feature can allow you to extend the useable season of your yard, keeping you warm when things get cool, or even when snow is on the ground. If you’re considering adding a fire pit table to your green space, it is important to place it with safety in mind. Here is how to use a fire pit safely in your space.

Can You Put a Fire Table in a Screened Porch?

No, it is typically not safe to use a fire table on a screened porch. Fire pits and fire tables need to be at least 20 feet away from anything flammable. That includes walls and many flooring types. Therefore, you should not put your fire table inside of your screened porch. You may consider a fireplace for this use instead.

Can You Put a Fire Table on a Deck?

It all depends on the material your deck is made from, and the model of fire table you want. In general, you should not place a fire table on any combustible material, including a wood deck. One stray spark could set fire to your deck. Not only is there a fire risk, but the heat from the fire table could damage other materials as well, like PVC.

If you have a concrete or interlocking deck, you’re in luck, you can likely place your fire table directly onto the deck. In fact, some fire tables are also designed to be placed on wood, so you should always check with your manufacturer to find out.

If you are looking for a fire feature or fire table to enhance your backyard, contact us today.

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Can You Use a Fire Table on a Covered Porch?

Your fire table may or may not be safe on a covered porch. Wood burning fire features are definitely out, as their smoke would be obstructed by the covering on the porch, and this would present a health and safety risk for you.

What if your fire table is gas or electric powered? Then a covered porch may be a viable option. You should look into the manufacturer’s safety recommendations to find out if the fire table is safe to place on the flooring on your porch. Plus, make sure the flooring is strong enough to hold it! Then, look into how much ventilation the fire table needs. Gas-powered fire features may need more ventilation than a covered porch offers.

Extending the time you spend outdoors is possible with a fire pit or fire table. With the correct safety measures in place, you can ensure your family’s safety while also enjoying the great Canadian autumn and winter. For more information contact us at Lane’s Landscaping today.