Will Vinegar Kill Weeds and Other Old Wives’ Tales

can vinegar kill Weeds

You may have heard many different methods for killing weeds in your lawn, and even found yourself asking the question, “Will vinegar kill weeds?” Our gardening-loving grandparents and relatives have all passed down little nuggets of truth on how to kill weeds but how accurate are these solutions?

Does salt, vinegar or sand really help to keep weeds out of your lawn? Or are we just perpetuating old wives’ tales that have been passed down from generation to generation? Let’s have a look at some of the most common myths and separate the truth from fiction.

Myth vs. Fact

1. Myth:   Household vinegar can kill weeds

  • Truth:   This might be one of the most well-known myths out there. The truth is, though using vinegar may kill small weeds, it actually damages all plant life around them. Vinegar is highly acidic and burns whatever plants it comes in contact with. But it will not keep all weeds from returning. Although it may appear to do so, it does not reach the root system of larger weeds.

2. Myth: You can use salt to kill weeds

  • Truth:   Using salt to kill weeds can be effective but it needs to be used sparingly and on a small scale. Much like with our own bodies, salt dehydrates plant life and upsets the water level balance of its cells. Salt can be used on small gardens that will get a lot of water to help dilute the salt in the soil. If used too frequently or in large doses, salt can cause some nasty soil conditions that will discourage other plants to grow.

3. Myth: Sand can be used to prevent weeds

  • Truth:  Weeds can grow anywhere, as anyone with a patio or walkway can agree with. Laying paving sand between patio or paving stones can help to kill weeds. It suffocates the weeds at the surface, but it isn’t a sure-fire way to completely eliminate them after the stones have already been laid down. When laying any stones, use enough paving stone so it doesn’t wash out and allow soil to enter the crevices.

4. Myth:  All homemade concoctions found on the internet will work

Killing weeds with vinegar

  • Truth: We live in an information age, as well as an “everything homemade is better” era. Certainly, being more conscious of using organic items found around the home is better for the environment and our health than hazardous chemicals. But some recipes found online can actually cause other problems in the long run. When researching natural ways to kill weeds, do your homework, try to test on a small area first and avoid getting too excited about the results just in case they don’t work.[1]

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[1] Brennan, Eugene. 6 Ways to Kill Weeds, Naturally or With Chemicals. Den Garden. May 18, 2019. Avalable online https://dengarden.com/gardening/5-Ways-to-Kill-Weeds-in-Your-Garden.