Unilock’s 2015 Product Lineup

The big moment of the Interlock Revolution is finally here: Revealing Unilock’s 2015 product lineup.

And it’s quite impressive.

Not all paving stones are created equal, and for those of us looking to complete a landscape project using stone in 2015, our creative options just increased thanks to the new product lineup from Unilock.

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New Unilock products


Artline: The simple, clean and long lines of Unilock’s new Artline paving stone is an example of an emerging trend in modern, minimalist outdoor designs. Artline comes in a series of exclusive colours that can be combined, or used individually, to create graphic interest.

Coming in seven different sizes when bundled and available in multiple colors, all Artline stones come with EasyClean Stain Resistance technology. Artline is also available in four different Enduracolor (long-lasting colour endurance using a complex blend of quartz and granite) finishes.

Bristol Valley: With a moderate surface texture, Bristol Valley delivers a newly refined elegance and simplicity to outdoor landscaping features where more traditional flagstone options have dominated in the past. The subtle colours blend to create a natural, historical appearance that is well-suited to most outdoor paving projects.

Available in nine colours, Bristol Valley also comes in three distinct sizes when ordered as a bundle. Similarly to Artline, Bristol valley comes in a variety of Enduracolour finishes.

Other quality Unilock products


  • City Park Paver: A traditional urban paver, City Park is a suitable fit for residential, plaza or park applications which comes in multiple shades and finishes. permeable options available.
  • Courtstone: With style and design reminiscent of old-world Europe, Courtstone’s realistic texture, strength and endurance makes it an ideal paving product for vehicular use and as an accent for other paved spaces.
  • Copthorne: Another paver with design similar to stones found in old European cities, Copthorne is crafted using a specialized forming process that ensure each piece is uniquely crafted while maintaining consistent size and dimensions for easy installation.
  • Town Hall: As a response to the industry’s increasing focus and need for permeable pavers, Town Hall was designed to serve both traditional and permeable methods of installation while delivering a historical, distressed and time-worn look.
  • Richcliff: Cast from hundreds of natural surface textures, Richcliff is guaranteed to have a random appearance and is up to four times stronger than poured concrete. This paver is an ideal fit for virtually any project.
  • Thornbury: Another stone available for permeable and standard installation, Thornbury’s moderately textured surface along with it’s three compatible sizes creates a simple, yet appealing, random look and feel.
  • Bristol Valley: Equipped with a natural appearance, Bristol Valley is natural fit for most landscape and paving project. Soft colours and subtle surface texture and design leaves Bristol projects with a relaxed historical look and feel.
  • Brussels Block: This timeless classic is the original tumbled paving block of North America. The tumbled finish and relaxed appearance makes Brussels Block a unique that resembles the design and cut of quarried stones.

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Permeable Pavers

  • Eco-Prioria: A customizable, versatile and permeable paver, Eco-Prioria is designed with special spacers that creates a 7mm gap that is filled with fine stone chips to allow easy penetration of rainwater to sub-base and sub soil runoff areas.
  • Eco-Optiloc: Using tri-axis engineering this paver is among the best for vehicle traffic. Eco-optiloc pairs load-bearing durability with superior drainage capabilities
  • Eco-Promenade: This plank paver’s long linear look adds style and permeable qualities while being able to sustain vehicular loads. It is available in multiple colours and finishes.
  • Eco-Line: This heavy duty unit paver can be mechanically installed. Eco-Line is both beautiful and cost effective.

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