Natural vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Not all of the stone that you see on the exterior and interior of homes is a natural stone cut from the quarry. Much of it is manufactured stone or stone made from cement aggregates for texture and pigments for colour. Both products can be used for fireplaces, home exteriors, landscaping, and much more. But which is right for your project? We’ll compare natural vs manufactured stone veneer so you can make an informed decision.

Beauty and Texture

One of the most important factors in your decision will, of course, be the look of the final product. Nothing compares to the look and the texture of natural stone. While manufactured stone can still look good, especially from a distance, you will soon notice that the texture isn’t quite right, and the stone shape and pattern repeats itself. The colour of the manufactured stone isn’t quite right either. Points for beauty definitely go to natural stone products.

Cost and Weight

Natural stone will cost slightly more than manufactured stone, especially if you’re looking at quality pieces. However, natural stone doesn’t cost that much more than quality manufactured stone, as they have about the same shipping costs and natural stone is only slightly more costly to produce these days. Speaking of shipping, manufactured stone is lighter than natural stone and can often be placed in more precarious positions. That makes it simpler to install and helps to lower the price a bit.

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How long will your stone resist moisture and look good? Natural stone wins this one as well. Manufactured stone veneer, being mostly made of concrete, is somewhat porous and therefore is less resistant to moisture. Plus, it also has additives for colour, which will fade in the sunlight. Natural stone is more solid and has natural colouring that can resist the effects of sunlight for much longer. A natural stone can look the same 50 years down the road, while a manufactured stone will not.

When it comes to cleaning, natural stone wins. Manufactured stone can’t stand being pressure washed, and it needs special treatments to remove efflorescence. Natural stone is simpler to maintain.


All stone is a very versatile building product. You can use either kind of stone in a number of applications. That said, manufactured stone veneer can’t be structural, as it can’t hold weight. It’s not a good option for a structural project, but it is great to cover up something existing, like an existing fireplace or an existing home exterior. Natural stone is better when you’re creating something from scratch, like a new patio or garden wall.

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