8 Modern Paver Designs for Your Pool

house with pool in the summer

Modern patio paver designs offer a unique aesthetic to your outdoor space. The scale, colour and configuration all contribute to the modern looks savvy homeowners are embracing today. Here we look at eight modern paver designs for your pool to create an idyllic summer oasis.

1. Diamonds are Forever

Creating diamond patterns using paver stones is an excellent way to make a distinct statement. The angled stone pavers can be used in the entire area, or to create a runner-like path leading to different areas around the pool. The design can be subtle and monotone or created using different tones and textures of paver stones.

2. Grass and Stone

Paver designs around pool areas are using purposeful spacing allowing lawn and stone to create colourful edging. Instead of the tight stone to stone configurations of the past, the lawn helps keep weeds at bay while creating a dynamic duo that sets a softer look to your pool. The design also creates a soft grid look that gives it a modern edge.

3. Large Scale Pavers

Scale always influences the state of a design with large-scale pavers leading the charge of modern aesthetics in pool landscaping. The large-scale paver is available in a number of different materials and can be used to create a very contemporary look either on its own, with lawn gridding or combined with smaller pavers in between.

4. Patchwork Pavers

Pool paver design ideas create a patchwork effect combining tones and colours in a random design. This design adds more texture to pool landscaping and when combined with a solid pool edging the design is unified to please the eye.

5. English Cottage Charm

Although this idea is borrowed from the past, this is a modern aesthetic today since it hasn’t been seen in decades. Landscaping around pools using flagstone combined with traditional perennials in garden beds creates a cottage feel and a sense of seclusion from the busy world beyond the garden fence.

6. Tiny and Tumbled

Creating a mosaic effect, small-scale tumbled stone pavers offer a very textured look poolside. Similar to traditional tiles used to line pools, the mosaic effect is elegant yet edgy. The smaller paving stones can be used on their own, or to create interesting gridded patterns in between large-scale stones.

7. Multi-Level Poolside Designs

Introducing levels leading down to the pool using large pavers, steps and terraces create an eye-catching ultra-modern look for your modern paver design. The sleek edges and tiers combine to create a very high-end look, while also allowing you to have separate areas for people to sit and chat, sunbathe or sip their drinks. It is an ultra-chic look you might find on the rooftop of a luxury urban hotel.

8. Lovely Limestone

Limestone and limestone looks are very much the stone of the day for modern paver designs for pools. The sandy tones offer an elegant look that is soft and inviting. Combinedwith interesting cuts of stone you can create one-of-a-kind designs ideally suited for your personal sense of style.

If you would like to get started on your modern paver design for your pool, speak to our team today.