Natural Stone is Growing in Popularity. Why?

Each year there’s a landscaping trend which explodes in popularity.

In 2013, it was about contrasting bright floral colours with dark, black fencing. 2014 was all about incorporating water elements into the backyard.

This year’s hot landscaping trend is all about natural stone.

Landscaping rocks, granite boulders or sandstone slabs, Mississauga homeowners are choosing to go natural with their stone selections. Here are some reasons why:

Natural stone is popular in 2015


With natural stone, there are many different options to choose from. For example:

And since natural stone is available in a whole spectrum of colours, homeowners can delight in bringing vibrancy to their backyards, pools or patios.

Respected companies are manufacturing and carrying it

In 2015, more and more Mississauga homeowners are asking for natural stone.

And more and more best-in-class stone manufacturers like Unilock are listening.

And more and more landscape leaders such as Lane’s Landscaping Supplies are ensuring they have it in stock.

Why? They’ve seen the rise in demand for natural stone from Mississauga homeowners, who want nothing but the best – from the best.

Respected companies like Unilock are producing natural stone products

Natural stone is tough

Artificial or manufactured stone materials tend to be lighter vs. natural stone. In addition, artificial stone can break down if they come into contact with excessive water or water treatment chemicals.

Since natural stone is quarried from the Earth, it’s already been exposed to many of the elements that it will experience in your backyard or patio:

  • Rain and snow
  • Oppressive heat or cold
  • Airborne particles

The durability of natural stone is a key factor in its popularity. Homeowners in Mississauga don’t want to lay down new stone, only to replace it in a few years because it broke down. That won’t happen with natural stone.

Join the natural stone interlock revolution

Artificial interlock (i.e. glow-in-the-dark interlock, heated interlock) designs were popular once upon a time. Today, it’s all about giving your landscaping a natural, organic look.

Natural stone is a big part of that. Another big part is partnering with a landscape supplier who carries high-quality products designed to last long, look good, improve your home’s value and provide many years of enjoyment.

Contact Lane’s Landscaping today to learn what many Mississauga homeowners already know: when it comes to landscaping in 2015, natural stone is the hot design trend.