Benefits of Interlocking Brick vs Natural Stone

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Once you’ve chosen interlocking for your project, you have another choice between brick and natural stone. Both are beautiful, durable materials that can make your driveway, garden, patio, or other hardscaping features look lovely. So, it may not be obvious to you which you should choose. Here’s our quick guide to comparing the benefits of interlocking brick versus stone so that you can make your decision.

What is the Difference Between Natural Stone and Brick Interlocking?

The basic difference between these two materials is that brick interlocking is made from concrete or other compressed stone materials, while natural stone is made from more glamourous stones such as flagstone, granite, slate, and limestone. Natural stone denotes a higher quality level and these bricks are typically cut from quarries, while brick interlocking is mixed, compressed, or created.

Benefits of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a highly beneficial material for your landscaping. There is a huge range of colours and design options available in natural stone. In particular, you can get modern and natural looks easily with this material. There are also whites, warm colours, and cool colours natural stone options. Did we mention texture? Natural stone has a lovely, authentic texture.

Unlike interlocking brick, natural stone may not need resealing every year. It’s also typically more durable, as a solid rock than interlocking brick. Although, durability ranges depending on the type of stone you choose.

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Benefits of Interlocking Brick

While natural stone is lovely, there are many reasons to choose interlocking brick instead. For example, it is easier to get unnatural looks in this material, like bright colours, unusual textures, etc.

Brick is easier to repair than other materials, like concrete and asphalt, and may be more available for replacement than your specific natural stone.

There is also the cost factor. Interlocking brick is less expensive than natural stone, which means you may be able to afford more hardscaping. This can also keep your maintenance and water usage in your landscaping lower because you have less green space and more interlocking.

Not sure which to choose? The two types of interlocking share many benefits that you’ll reap either way. They can be laid in complicated patterns. They adjust to changing temperatures and shifts in the ground better than many other landscaping materials. And, they allow you to combine different colours and textures to achieve unique results.

Don’t forget that you can combine both of these materials to create unique landscaping looks. Top brick interlocking with natural stone to elevate the look and add genuine texture while keeping costs low.

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