What Are the New and Latest Brick Paver Patio Designs for 2018?

Spring landscaping season is just around the corner here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies.

And that means things like:

It also means learning what the new and latest brick paver patio designs are for 2018.

So without further ado, here’s some of what you can expect to find this year from selected interlocking paver companies Lane’s Landscaping Supplies proudly carries.

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Permacon (all images from Permacon.ca)

This year’s interlock paver collection from Permacon is all about timeless looks accented by perfect finished.

MelvilleMelville Collection

The sharp lines of the Melville collection are refined and highlight the natural beauty of stone.

Melville 80 Paver

  • Will look modern and contemporary for years to come. Smooth texture bordered by straight lines.

Melville 60 Paver

  • Create a clean, seamless transition between front and back yards. Smoothly textured with sharp edges and a natural appearance.

Melville 50 Slabs

  • Combine Melville 50 slabs with Melville 80 pavers to create stunningly linear and cohesive patterns.


Cassara Pavers

  • Inspired by modern architecture, Cassara pavers allow for linear installation patterns surrounded by sharp, straight lines.

Cassara Plank Pavers

  • Long, lean, and one-of-a-kind. Crisp lines and subtle colours create a refined, elegant look for your landscaping.

Cassara Slabs

  • The perfect transitional complement to Cassara Pavers. Modernly smooth texture surrounded by sharp, straight lines.

Unilock (all images from Unilock.com)


In 2018, interlocking patio stones and other products from Unilock are designed to inspire your outdoor design dreams.


Beautiful stones which will retain their colour and vibrancy for years to come.


  • Long, clean lines that make any walkway or driveway appear lengthier. Simple, minimalist and easy to apply.


  • The look of historical cobblestones of old-world Europe, combined with modern strength and a naturally textured appearance.


  • Classically elegant, Richcliff pavers add a touch of sophistication to any landscaping project. Featuring a unique embossed surface texture.


Tried-and-true paving stones that compliment any design for any outdoor living space.


  • Soft surface clefts create a relaxed, easy-going look. Traditional rectangular shapes provide a classic flagstone-like appearance.


  • Incredibly popular due to its versatility. Simple rectangular shapes, wide colour selection, and easy to install.


  • Ideal for large, expansive homeowner and commercial spaces. Creates a very formal, established, and structured presence.

Banas Stones (all images from BanasStones.com)

Banas Stones

This year, Banas Stones offers a large selection of attractive colours and unique textures.

Premium Series

Banas Stones

High-quality natural stone manufactured to create colorfully unique hardscape designs.

Banas Imperial Black

  • An unusual combination of dark brown to black sandstone colour. No two pieces are alike in shading, textures and natural markings.

Banas Lavender

  • Brightly coloured to add a splash of excitement to any outdoor living space. Each stone is enhanced with Earth-inspired brown tones.

Banas Bronte

  • Can handle extreme environmental conditions. Made with fine grained sandstone and natural shading which blends in perfectly with any existing area.


Limestone products with impressive amounts of style and personality.

Kota Blue

  • Softly rippled textures of blue and grey. Seamlessly compliments existing natural elements such as planting designs.

Kota Black

  • Kota Black stones command any space where they’re installed. Clean cut lines surround a generally smooth surface.

Kota Brown

  • Genuine, durable and versatile. Kota Brown pavers are individually buffed to give each stone its own unique character.

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