The Smart Way to Set a Landscaping Budget

Although it’s February, spring weather and warm temperatures will soon be here.

For many homeowners like you, now’s a good time to start planning your landscaping projects for the season.

Deciding what you want to do is one thing.

But budgeting and planning for it is everything.

After all, what good is sketching out your perfect dream backyard if there’s no way to pay for it?

Getting the most out of each dollar you spend is a big part of the Lane’s Landscaping Supplies experience.

With that in mind, here are some easy-to-follow budgeting tips.

What makes a good budget?

Your landscaping products budget should accomplish two things for you:

  1. Give you the outdoor space you’ve always wanted
  2. Boost the value and curb appeal of your home

In order to do that, your budget should be:

  • Feasible: Unless you have a Scrooge McDuck money bin, you’ll have to set a realistic budget. Be honest about what you want and what you can afford to spend.
  • Easy to follow: Each dollar spent is an investment. Not knowing where money goes will hurt the long-term value of your project. Everything from fresh topsoil to pizza breaks should be tracked.
  • Flexible: Any project, big or small, will experience unexpected costs. Add in some buffer dollars for any pop-up expenditure (as well as for peace of mind).

How to build your budget

Planning the project is the fun part.

Create a list of everything you want in your new landscaping, such as:

Now comes the hard part: Taking your master wish list and whittling it down to priority items only.

One other thing to keep in mind: If you have many areas you want to improve (front lawn, backyard, side walkway, etc.), you may want to break up your project in stages.

Doing that helps in two ways.

Firstly, you won’t feel overwhelmed by having to do EVERYTHING at once.

Secondly, you can dedicate 100% of your attention to each smaller area you’re working on.

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Keeping on budget

After you’ve used your calculator and figured out things like interlock cost, you now need to stick to that number.

Here’s how you can:

Some other things you can do:

  • Using a contractor? Be certain to get a clear and accurate estimate before agreeing to anything.
  • Save every receipt. There are some things you can actually claim when tax time hits.

Extra costs to account for

Earlier, we talked about allocating money for any unexpected expenses.

Here’s a list of some other items which may impact the overall cost of your landscaping project:

  • Delivery costs
  • Municipal permits
  • Seasonal price changes
  • Storage costs
  • Tools or equipment

Knowing what you’ll pay beforehand will make everything run smoother afterwards.

Get more from your dollars at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies

What makes an affordable and successful landscaping project?

How about:

  • Excellent, top-quality products
  • Fair prices
  • Expert advice whenever you need it
  • Partnering to help you achieve the landscaping you want

When you have your budget in place, contact us to learn more about our products.

Or you can request a FREE (how’s that for a great price) quote on anything we carry.

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