Five Project Ideas to Utilize Panelized Stone Siding


What is Panelized Stone Siding?

Panelized stone siding intertwines the rugged good looks of stone with the convenience of siding. It’s lighter than stone, costs less, and due to its fastening system, is much simpler to install than stone. It also offers additional benefits, including increasing your home’s value.

The look of stone has never gone out of style and adding panelized stone siding can truly make a house stand out in the neighborhood. Not sure where to start incorporating panelized stone siding to your home? Check out some of the creative ideas here to spark your imagination and kickstart your summer project list.


Five Panelized Stone Siding Project ideas

Here are five key ideas to consider with panelized stone siding to help refresh your home’s overall look:

  • Front porch pillars. Enter your home in style by covering the pillars on your front porch with stone siding. It gives your entranceway a classic look that exudes strength and beauty. Additionally, if you have pillars at the end of your driveway, consider covering those as well for an elegant, unified look.
  • Home exterior. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home to sell, want to modernize it or just want to give it a facelift, adding stone siding to your home’s exterior will make it appear contemporary, while also retaining the dynamic silhouette of stone.
  • Outdoor accent wall. If you have an outdoor fireplace or sitting area that you love to enjoy, you can spruce it up by adding stone siding. The siding can be used to wrap around the chimney of the fireplace or as an entire accent wall to transform it into an eye-catching statement piece. A stone accent wall also looks amazing as a backdrop to a garden.
  • Garden or tool shed. Sheds are more than just a place to store tools, they’re an extension of your home. A great way to tie in these often-overlooked structures is to add the same stone siding to both your garden and tool shed. Create a sturdy yet exquisite look by adding stone siding to any sized shed in your yard.
  • Stone siding is so versatile that it can be used virtually anywhere. Try adding some on garden boxes, retaining walls or any of your custom designed garden areas to add a mix of colours and stylish curves to your landscaping and yard.

If you’re looking to add some panelized stone siding to your home, or have any other landscaping questions or needs, contact the outdoor experts at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies today.