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How to Choose a Stone Laying Pattern

Every outdoor landscaping project is done with the express purpose of making your space more beautiful and livable. Stone and brick laying is no different. Regardless of the project, be it a patio, driveway or walking path, the first thing to consider is what pattern is right for you and your property. The right stone pattern can augment the visual appeal of your property and raise the value of your home overall. The selection process In order to select the right stone laying pattern for your project there are a few simple questions you should ask yourself right out of the gate. 1. … Continue reading How to Choose a Stone Laying Pattern

I hear it all the time but I’m embarassed to ask – What’s a retaining wall?

If you are new to the world of home landscaping, you may be unfamiliar with the terms used to describe common features. However, even if you have no idea what a retaining wall is, you would likely recognize it if you saw one. Retaining walls have a number of potential benefits for you and the beauty of your home. With a little help and planning, you can even build your own retaining walls for your family’s enjoyment. What is a retaining wall? There is no need to feel like a naïve homeowner just because you are not an expert in … Continue reading I hear it all the time but I’m embarassed to ask – What’s a retaining wall?

The Newest Trends in Interlock

Most homeowners dream of incorporating interlocking stone into their property in some manner. Whether it’s for the entire driveway, a small walkway or the entire porch and patio, interlock is a classic, time-tested way to turn heads towards your yard, and has been trusted by homeowners and contractors for years as a great way to add a new appeal to any surface. And why not? The endless options for shape and style make it an attractive choice for anyone who’s decided to shake things up in the front yard, back yard or both. Like a snowflake, no two interlocking patterns … Continue reading The Newest Trends in Interlock

Banas Stones. Why Lane’s Loves These Landscaping Products

Banas Stones is one of the premier suppliers of stone products for landscaping projects of all types. Their basic products are: Flagstone Pavers Wall and pool coping Steps Circles and garden pavers The types of stone they carry include limestone, sandstone and granite. The finished products are all elegant and durable, fitting with both classic and contemporary design styles. Lanes Landscaping Supplies believes strongly in these quality landscaping products and carries a large inventory at our location. Pavers and Flagstone Banas Stone has over 20 styles and colours of flagstone suitable for all types of paving. Several finish options are … Continue reading Banas Stones. Why Lane’s Loves These Landscaping Products

The Many Uses of Armour Stone

The use of armour stone as a building material is a tradition that goes back many years. They got their name from their original use as seawall and riverbed lining. They would literally be armour for the shore to wear against the constant bombardment of moving water. Landscaping designers keened onto using them in more recent times and now incorporate them into stunning designs that last for years, and decades, to come which look great with flagstone walkways. Centerpeices & Focal Points The most basic of uses for a large rock like this is as a centerpiece in a front … Continue reading The Many Uses of Armour Stone

How to Install a Stone Veneer Wall

Photo credit to: Stone veneer is a very attractive alternative siding material for your home. It may look complicated to install but these steps here show that it is quite simple. 1. Start by stretching roof felt over top of your wall board and then use a staple hammer to tack it up. Use plenty of staples so the felt doesn’t sag. 2. Put a wire mesh over the felt, use a hammer and roofing nails to get it good and secure. The mesh will not have to be completely flush to the wall, but do not allow it … Continue reading How to Install a Stone Veneer Wall

Flagstone Varieties you can Install at Your Mississauga Home

Flagstone comes from all over North America and can be delivered to Mississauga for you to install in your home. They come in any manner of different colours, have many different uses, and some varieties are very easy to work with. I’ll look at the major varieties so you can start to get an idea of what you’d like to use in your next walkway, patio or driveway project. Arizona Flagstone The most common type of flagstone available is Arizona flagstone. This abundant rock is well known because of its striking colour. The red is the most well known, but … Continue reading Flagstone Varieties you can Install at Your Mississauga Home