How to Ensure Your Landscaping Project Will be a Success

There’s no better way to get more from your outdoor living space and boost the overall value of your home than with a landscaping project.

  • Do it right…and you’ll want to invite family and friends over to spend as much time outside as possible.
  • Do it wrong…and you risk having a landscape that’s not to your liking; that’s built incorrectly, or both.

If you’re wishing of new interlocking patio stones, custom landscape lighting, gorgeous natural steps, and more, learn how to make your dream come true instead of becoming a nightmare.

1. Set a realistic budget

At Lane’s Landscaping Supplies, we believe a smart landscaping budget should have the following characteristics:

  • Realistic: Be honest about what you can afford to spend. The last thing you want is to overextend yourself financially.
  • Scalable: There are many components to your project, like flagstone and aggregates. Divide your budget by the must-have items and nice-to-have items.
  • Trackable: Every dollar you spend has to be accounted for. Losing track or where or how money is spent could jeopardize your project.
  • Flexible: There’s always the possibility of unexpected costs popping up. Make sure your budget allows for these sudden expenses. You’ll feel a lot better if it does.

2. Get an early start

Already know what you want for your landscaping?

Just because it’s cold outside now doesn’t mean you have to wait for sunny weather to plan your project.

Start jotting down any ideas you have. The more time you have to outline your project, the smoother it’ll be.

Here are seven questions homeowners like you can answer right now to kick-off your project:

  • How big is your backyard?
  • Are you aware of any drainage issues?
  • Do you have any favourite plants or flowers you want to incorporate?
  • What’s your priority? The front, back, or side areas of your home?
  • Will your project proceed in phases? If so, what area will you begin with?
  • How do you want to use your backyard?
  • Do you need an area for your kids to play in?

3. Keep track of your ideas

You never know where you’ll get inspiration for your landscape project:

  • Blogs.
  • Online galleries.
  • TV shows.
  • Magazines.
  • Websites.
  • Other homes around the neighbourhood.

When something catches your eye, write it down, cut it out (if it’s in a magazine), or print it out (if it’s from a website).

And if you want to sketch something out, go ahead. You don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to draw what you want.

4. Carefully research contractors

You’ll want to be very thorough when researching contractors you want to work with. The right contractor is professional, skilled, and easy to communicate with.

As you check out various contractors, make sure you look at the following:

  • Their portfolio.
  • References and reviews.
  • Insurance/worker’s compensation certificates.
  • Accreditations or certifications.

Perhaps the most important element you should look for is what guarantees they offer.

You’ll want a contractor who stands behind their work with a detailed, easy-to-understand warranty.

If you can’t find that information – or they’re unwilling to give it to you in writing – that’s a sure sign you should consider someone else.

5. Don’t forget about post-project maintenance

It’s exciting to plan a landscaping project and it’s fun to enjoy it once it’s complete.

However, something many homeowners forget to consider is how to take care it to keep it looking sharp and new.

For example:

What you’re willing or able to do after your landscape project is complete goes a long way in determining what you should build in the first place.

Come to Lane’s Landscaping Supplies for products, advice, and more

Although it’s fall, you can still come to Lane’s Landscaping Supplies for all your project needs:

  • Want to see what your product options are? No problem.
  • Have questions? Need guidance? We’ll help you out.
  • Looking for a trustworthy contractor? We’ll gladly make a recommendation.

When it comes to your landscaping project, keep in mind these two things:

  • If you have time, use it.
  • If you need advice, get it.

Contact now with your comments. Already know what you want? Ask for a FREE product quote.