I’m Sick of Weeds! How Can I Destroy Them This Year?

Is there anything more annoying or frustrating than weeds creeping in and trying to overtake your garden?

Or when weeds peek through between your interlocking paver stones?

Didn’t think so.

If you’re like most homeowners, the weed-killing cycle goes something like this: Pull weeds from your garden

1. See weeds and freak out

2. Pull them out

3. Freak out again when they come back

4. Spray them with weed killer

5. Completely freak out when they come back – again

6. Curse, scream and place a hex on them

Seriously, what is it about weeds which drive us all insane?

The truth of the matter is that, when it comes to weed removal, many of us do it wrong. Weeding out the garden by pulling weeds is a temporary solution (as you very well know).

Ready to eradicate those weeds once and for all? Let’s do this.

Weeding and mulching the garden bed

One thing right off the bat: doing this over and over again isn’t sustainable and will make you absolutely crazy.


So the thing to do is schedule some time (or lots of time, depending on how many weeds you need to eliminate) and carefully remove every single possible weed you can spot.

All of them.

That’s because weeds are prolific seeders and don’t need much time to grow quickly and create eyesores all over your garden. Leaving any stray weeds in the garden is just asking for trouble. So it’s best to yank them all out from the root.


Add mulch once you've pulled out the weedsOnce you have a clean, weed-free plot of land, it’s time to mulch the bed.

When it comes to mulching, though, remember:

1. Use natural, dye-free mulching products

2. Over-mulching will not stop weeds and will actually cause harm to your plants

What mulching does is slow down the germination of weeds. Plus it makes your garden look good too.

Add more plants

There’s an old saying which goes: Plant more flowers to prevent weeds from growing

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Once you have your clean, weed-free and nicely mulched plot of land, you can’t just leave it that way.

Why? Because if you don’t fill it with something, nature will. And more than likely, it will be weeds.

So find plants you like and then plant them. Lots of them. Fill all the soil and garden niches with plants.

It makes sense: a weed cannot grow where there’s already a plant. So if you cut down on the number of open spaces available to weeds, you also reduce the likelihood of weeds growing in those areas.

Avoid using weed fabric

Weed fabric isn’t a weed killer. It’s not even a weed-stopper, actually.

What weed fabric does is simply cover the ground underneath it. However, years of mulching over it will ultimately create a new level of soil. That’s just unavoidable.

And what will grow in that new layer of soil? Right: weeds.

Weeds are tough. They can germinate in broken down mulch as well as in soil. And some perennial weeds are so determined; they’ll punch through weed fabric and keep on going and growing.

Get us to help you

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Landscaping advice. New mulch. Artificial grass. Topsoil delivery. We have the tools you need to destroy those pesky weeds this year.

All you need to do is contact us and speak with an expert team member who can provide the advice, items and guidance required to banish weeds from your garden.

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