Pesky Weeds You’ll See this Summer (& How to Kill ‘Em) (Infographic)

No homeowner likes having weeds in their yard.

Even worse, no homeowner likes spending time pulling weeds from the yard, either.

Still, ugly and annoying weeds can overrun and ruin the lush, green lawn or colourful garden bed you worked hard to create.

So consider this blog a public service announcement from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies as you learn what weeds you’ll encounter and how to eliminate them once and for all.

Pesky weeds

Let Lane’s help you destroy ugly weeds this year

This summer, you should spend more time enjoying your lawn than you should weeding it.

And we want to help.

Whether you need products like mulch (which can prevent and limit overall unwanted plant growth), advice or just someone to vent your weed frustrations to, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us with your questions or request a FREE quote on any of our products.

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