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Add These Things to Your Property This Year

  Sometimes, we take a look at the landscaping we’ve done and decide that something is missing – that there’s a certain addition we’d really like to see amongst the grass and gardens. Maybe we can’t quite put our finger on it, but we know that there’s always something more we could be doing to spruce up the yard and put in a useful addition that’ll help us bring a little more life to our landscape. How about these ideas to revitalize your yard. Garden tool shed This should really be a default addition to any yard. It’s perfect for … Continue reading Add These Things to Your Property This Year

When Should You Start Planning A Landscape Project?

During the coldest days of winter, garden seed and flower bulb catalogs start to arrive in the mail. As silly as that may seem, avid gardeners start planning their gardens several months ahead of time. Similarly, if there is a home landscape project you have in mind, start your planning early. Whether you intend to do it yourself or hire a landscape contractor, it’s not too early to start planning anywhere from two to six months ahead of when you want the project to be finished. Here are the basics steps you will need to complete as you go through … Continue reading When Should You Start Planning A Landscape Project?

Banas Stones. Why Lane’s Loves These Landscaping Products

Banas Stones is one of the premier suppliers of stone products for landscaping projects of all types. Their basic products are: Flagstone Pavers Wall and pool coping Steps Circles and garden pavers The types of stone they carry include limestone, sandstone and granite. The finished products are all elegant and durable, fitting with both classic and contemporary design styles. Lanes Landscaping Supplies believes strongly in these quality landscaping products and carries a large inventory at our location. Pavers and Flagstone Banas Stone has over 20 styles and colours of flagstone suitable for all types of paving. Several finish options are … Continue reading Banas Stones. Why Lane’s Loves These Landscaping Products

How to Draw Your Own Landscape Plan

Every design project needs a plan. Even if you are planning a do-it-yourself landscape project, a landscape plan will help you in many ways. Drawing a plan lets you quickly try different design options. An accurate plan helps you determine the quantity of material you need, helps you to visualize your project, and communicate with anyone else that will be helping during the process. Drawing a Base Plan Your base plan shows the existing conditions for your project site. This might include parts of your house; show the doors and windows, landscape features such as walks or walls, existing trees … Continue reading How to Draw Your Own Landscape Plan

Top Garden Lighting Techniques

Designing a garden that looks great during the day is only one half of having a great garden. The night time offers a plethora of dramatic and eye catching lighting options that will make your house look exceptional and help keep you safe. After spending money and time on some flagstone walkways or patios you should follow just a few of these techniques to best display them: Creating shadows This lighting style takes your beautiful plants and lights them in a way that projects their shadow on to an unused wall, such as a shed or garage. This can take … Continue reading Top Garden Lighting Techniques