Why a Drip Edge is Smart Landscaping

Mud stain foundation of house
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As a proud homeowner, it makes you cringe a little every time you pull up in front of your home – those unsightly dirt and mud stains around the lower perimeter of the house, where the ground meets the foundation.

You know exactly what’s causing the eyesore, too:

Each time it rains, the water pours from the roof, lands in the mud or mulch beds below and then splashes dirt, mud and mulch onto your home.

You can’t stop it from raining – not that you’d really want to – but who could blame you if you think you might have no choice other than to learn to tolerate the condition?

Drip edge landscapingSizing up the benefits of drip edge landscaping

With a drip edge, you don’t have to tolerate those unsightly mud stains anymore.

This barrier of loose, crushed stone or gravel is placed around the perimeter of a home, or at least in problem areas where water is most likely to drip from the roof.

Drip edges are meant to stand up to the job they’re called to do, which is why many are made with commercial-grade metal edging, sunk deep into the ground.

But this is a matter of personal choice; plenty of drip edges are are made with materials like:

Whatever the medium of choice, a drip edge keeps stone or gravel in a neat, crisp line and the dirt, mud and mulch a distant memory.

It also creates a natural and easy-to-follow maintenance barrier between the stone edging and a yard or garden.

When you choose an earthy stone color that contrasts with but complements the surrounding landscape, you can create a truly captivating look worthy of a magazine cover – or at least the envy of your neighbors.

Gravel drip edgeKeep your current planting

Occasionally, homeowners worry about having to sacrifice things like:

  • Plants
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs

These are natural elements which are thrive near the foundation of their home.

But any trench dug for a drip edge – before the stone or gravel aggregate is installed – can easily be fitted around such features to ensure they continue to grow and thrive.

Drip edge adds safety to your home

Drip edge adds safety

In addition to their smart look and low-maintenance appeal, drip edges can add an element of safety to your home.

Just ask people like Stephen Coan, the fire marshal of Massachusetts.

He took the serious step of banning mulch in housing complexes containing more than six units because of the risk of discarded cigarettes starting the mulch on fire.

As an alternative to mulch, Coan advocates the installation of drip edges, even in single-family homes.

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Soon, it won’t be long before you look forward to pulling up in front of your home – and the envy of your neighbors.

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