Add These Things to Your Property This Year


garden tool shedSometimes, we take a look at the landscaping we’ve done and decide that something is missing – that there’s a certain addition we’d really like to see amongst the grass and gardens. Maybe we can’t quite put our finger on it, but we know that there’s always something more we could be doing to spruce up the yard and put in a useful addition that’ll help us bring a little more life to our landscape.

How about these ideas to revitalize your yard.

Garden tool shed

This should really be a default addition to any yard. It’s perfect for storing everything from small tools to your lawnmower, putting everything you need for gardening and landscape maintenance right where you can get at it easily, all while freeing up space in the garage. It’s an easy-to-build, easy-access solution for every green thumb.

Fire pit

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice summer evening spent around a crackling fire, with sticks and marshmallows on hand for the most popular snack of the season? Adding a fire pit to yourplanters on deck yard gives you a great way to relax after a long day and is perfect for entertaining guests. You might want to check your local by-laws for this one, though.

Planters and planter benches

Planters and planter benches add a nice twist to putting plants in your yard. They give you a perfect space for some new greenery while also offering a place to sit. And let’s face it: it’s nicer to bask in the sun around freshly grown plants than it is on a plain old brown bench, isn’t it?

Sitting wall

These may not be exactly true to their name (they’re not really ideal for actually sitting on), but they’re a beautiful addition nonetheless. A sitting wall is a simple yet elegant and eye-catching way to tie a space together, and gives you an even cozier area in which to relax, either on your own or with company.

Potting bench

Need a place to put all those newly bought potted plants? A potting bench is perfect for storing them, and some are really well-constructed and put together. They’re right up the alley of the DIY types, too, as they can be built by home owners and put on display as soon as they’re done.

Water feature

Pools, ponds, or a nice little waterfall – however you prefer your H2O, water features are a beautiful, relaxing addition to any yard. They add a good deal of ambiance to any area and are wonderful to simply sit and look at any time of day or night.

Pyramid trellis

These funky, unique structures are great for those yards with vines, as they offer support for them – but they’re also a cool feature to add for the sake of design, too. There are several different styles from which to choose, giving you a lot of options for something that’ll match your own personal style and preferences.

Picnic table

Do we even have to give a reason for this one? They’re perfect for anything from a simple outdoor dinner to a backyard barbecue with the whole neighborhood, and they’re always a welcome feature in any outdoor space.


Lattices can be free-standing or part of a deck or structure. Aside from adding a certain appeal to a yard, thanks to their not-quite-a-fence design, there’s also the potential of plantslattices in the backyard growing through them, giving them a unique, naturally outdoor look.

What’s on your list?

Now that you’ve seen all of the possible additions you can make to your yard this year, which one interests you the most? Which do you think would look best with your landscape?

Give us a call to arrange the supplies for your summer landscape-enhancing project today.


Tool shed courtesy of THOR

Potting Table courtesy of Jean L.

Deck Lattice Privacy courtesy of Tim Fuller