Top Garden Lighting Techniques

Beautifully lit trees in a garden.Designing a garden that looks great during the day is only one half of having a great garden. The night time offers a plethora of dramatic and eye catching lighting options that will make your house look exceptional and help keep you safe. After spending money and time on some flagstone walkways or patios you should follow just a few of these techniques to best display them:

Creating shadows

This lighting style takes your beautiful plants and lights them in a way that projects their shadow on to an unused wall, such as a shed or garage. This can take a small knee high plant and grow its beauty to the size of a tree!

Making silhouettes

This places a light source between a plant and your home with the light pointed towards your home. It can create some truly exceptional effects. If you place the light near the bottom of the plant it can project a shadow skyward that will be a big change from traditional downlighting that is prevalent in most neighbourhoods.

Grazing the plants

This is a technique that requires careful positioning. The goal effect is to illuminate only the outline of a certain plant in a way that enhances the shape or texture. This is done with the precise placement of a spotlight.

Light a path

Lighting paths is necessary to provide safe passages for you and your guests. They can also be added for beauty as one put in the right spot can act as a light highlighting something you want to get noticed as you walk along your path. Don’t just think about guiding your guests to a particular destination, also consider the journey they take there and make it visually interesting.

Poorly planned lighting leads to boring yards at night. Creating striking imagery with some simple lighting can be a way to increase your curb appeal all hours of the day.

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