Banas Stones. Why Lane’s Loves These Landscaping Products

Banas StonesBanas Stones is one of the premier suppliers of stone products for landscaping projects of all types.

Their basic products are:

The types of stone they carry include limestone, sandstone and granite. The finished products are all elegant and durable, fitting with both classic and contemporary design styles.

Lanes Landscaping Supplies believes strongly in these quality landscaping products and carries a large inventory at our location.

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Banas flagstonePavers and Flagstone

Banas Stone has over 20 styles and colours of flagstone suitable for all types of paving.

Several finish options are available in:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Granite

Flagstone can be ordered in random shapes or square cut for use in both informal and formal designs.

Flagstone is extremely durable and low maintenance. It is often the preferred choice for patios, walks, pool areas and other outdoor flooring needs.

CopingWall and Pool Coping

Coping is the top layer of stone, sometimes called a capstone, on a wall or around the edge of a pool.

Banas Stones coping is 2 inches thick and comes in a variety of widths and lengths.

Curved sections of coping can be ordered.

The textured surface of pool coping means it will not be slippery when wet.

As you would expect, there are several colour options available.

Banas StepsSteps and Risers

Natural stone is the most durable and attractive material available for steps in the landscape.

All Banas Stones steps are:

  • 6″ (H) x 16″ (W)

Standard step widths are four, five or six feet, with custom sizes available.

The stones can be installed as needed to create a flight of steps or as individual steps along a walkway or around the edge of a patio, for example.

Banas CirclesCircles

Circles offer lots of opportunities for creative landscape designers.

Circular patterns can serve as focal points within a larger paved area or as intimate garden patios.

The standard arcs and circular stone shapes fit together for total diameters up to approximately thirteen feet.

Of course, custom sizes can be ordered.

Garden paversGarden Pavers

In addition to random and rectangular flagstone, Banas Stones has cobbles and tumbled stone for things like:

  • Pathways
  • Walks
  • Patios
  • Driveways

The square-shaped cobbles come in two different sizes and can be arranged in rectangular or circular patterns.

The tumbled stone has several rectangular shapes similar to cobble size.

The tumbling process gives these stones a classic, aged look and will provide a historic, timeless appearance for even the newest landscape installation.

Discover the Beauty of Banas Stones

Natural stone materials are the perfect choice for almost every landscape.

Produced for sustainability,  stone lasts for decades with only minimal care and maintenance needed.

As an authorized dealer of Banas Stones, Lane’s Landscaping Supplies can give you more information and product samples.

Whether you are planning a do-it-yourself landscape project or hiring a landscape contractor, Banas Stones has product options that will elevate the quality of your finished work.

If you want to view different material options in person, visit us today.

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