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Affordable Landscaping Tips to Help Enhance Your Space

Homeowners often avoid achieving their landscaping goals because they’ve been holding on to the belief that it must be expensive to look the way they want it. The reality is, there are many types of landscaping projects you can take on that are not only affordable but standout just as well as some of the more costly versions. Take a look at the following affordable landscaping ideas to try this fall and don’t forget to check out our gallery for more inspiration! Landscaping Ideas that Will Inspire You Flowerbed border: Add a flowerbed border to define your garden and make … Continue reading Affordable Landscaping Tips to Help Enhance Your Space

Will Vinegar Kill Weeds and Other Old Wives’ Tales

You may have heard many different methods for killing weeds in your lawn, and even found yourself asking the question, “Will vinegar kill weeds?” Our gardening-loving grandparents and relatives have all passed down little nuggets of truth on how to kill weeds but how accurate are these solutions? Does salt, vinegar or sand really help to keep weeds out of your lawn? Or are we just perpetuating old wives’ tales that have been passed down from generation to generation? Let’s have a look at some of the most common myths and separate the truth from fiction. Myth vs. Fact Myth: … Continue reading Will Vinegar Kill Weeds and Other Old Wives’ Tales

How Landscaping Can Increase Your Property Value

Have you ever wondered, “Does landscaping increase property value?” you’re not alone. This is a common question for homeowners who are currently looking to sell their homes or increase the potential on their resale in the future. The short answer is yes, but it depends on what kind of projects you invest in and the overall market conditions. In general, to increase your property value with landscaping projects you need high-quality features and finishes that are in demand from homeowners. When considering the many different kinds of projects you can take on for your home, you’ll want to keep this … Continue reading How Landscaping Can Increase Your Property Value

Why Landscape Lighting Is Important

When you invest a lot of time and energy into making your landscape look and feel the way you want it to, you want it to be seen. Along with illuminating all of the unique features you’ve installed, lighting is also important to ensure that you and your guests can safely navigate your property. Not sure how to lay out your landscape lighting or think it might be too much of an undertaking? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a landscape designing genius to learn how to lay out landscape lighting. While you might see complicated light layouts on … Continue reading Why Landscape Lighting Is Important

Do-It-Yourself: How to Build a Fire Pit with Bricks

By learning how to build a fire pit with bricks, you can add a cozy gathering spot to your backyard that extends your family and friend entertainment time into the evening especially in the summer when everyone is eager to stay outside longer. A fire pit is perfect for roasting hot dogs or s’mores, sharing stories and memories, and bringing everyone together to spend some quality time after a long day. Building a fire pit is simple, if you have the right materials and the know-how. Our do-it-yourself guide will help you make sure you have all of the necessary … Continue reading Do-It-Yourself: How to Build a Fire Pit with Bricks

Five Project Ideas to Utilize Panelized Stone Siding

What is Panelized Stone Siding? Panelized stone siding intertwines the rugged good looks of stone with the convenience of siding. It’s lighter than stone, costs less, and due to its fastening system, is much simpler to install than stone. It also offers additional benefits, including increasing your home’s value. The look of stone has never gone out of style and adding panelized stone siding can truly make a house stand out in the neighborhood. Not sure where to start incorporating panelized stone siding to your home? Check out some of the creative ideas here to spark your imagination and kickstart … Continue reading Five Project Ideas to Utilize Panelized Stone Siding

Benefits of Building a Block Retaining Wall

The Unilock retaining wall system creates a stylish and consistent look in your backyard, front yard, or anywhere else. There are many reasons you might want to build one yourself. Your Unilock wall can be placed strategically to give you more space, enhance landscaping, protect from flooding and erosion, as well as create a property boundary. However, it does take planning and time to get these great results. Wondering how to build a block retaining wall yourself? Here are the main steps to start strategizing and building based on what you envision for your space. Key Steps to Retaining Wall … Continue reading Benefits of Building a Block Retaining Wall

DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Thinking of sprucing up your backyard this summer but want to maintain a reasonable budget? Turn your backyard into a go-to retreat with friends and family using some simple DIY backyard landscaping ideas. With a bit of know-how and some fresh inspiration, you can make little changes that won’t break the bank and turn your yard into a haven you won’t want to leave. Here are 30 DIY ways to make your backyard awesome this summer. Backyard Makeover: Landscaping Ideas What better place to start than making some easy adjustments to the space you already have by adding unique features … Continue reading DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Environmental Effects of Road Salt and Limiting its Use

That fact is that we need road salt to help keep our roads and sidewalks safe. Unfortunately, this salt, which is made up of sodium and chloride, dissolves after it’s laid down and can flow into nearby waterways. This affects the water it’s going into, as well as any wildlife that uses that water source. Low concentrations of chloride can cause little to no effect. But higher concentrations can actually cause large pockets near the bottom of lakes, creating biological dead zones. And as these concentration levels rise, they can become quite fatal to aquatic life, such as plankton and … Continue reading Environmental Effects of Road Salt and Limiting its Use

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? How Does Salt Melt Ice on Roads?

We all know it helps keep our roads safe, but how does road salt work? Some of the most common questions around road salt include: Why does salt melt ice? How does salt melt ice on roads? What does salt do to snow? Read on to learn more about road salt and to discover its benefits. The History of Road Salt According to the Cary Institute, New Hampshire was the first known location to use salt to de-ice roads, beginning in 1938. “By the winter of 1941- 1942, a total of 5,000 tons of salt was spread on highways nationwide. … Continue reading Why Does Salt Melt Ice? How Does Salt Melt Ice on Roads?