Winter Landscaping Trends and Ideas

decorated house with Christmas lights

It can be a challenge to design a landscape that will look good for the whole Canadian winter. However, while some plants become brown and drab once the snow arrives, others bloom or at least maintain their visual interest. Placing a few of these plants in your yard will make your landscape look livelier in the winter. There are also some other winter landscaping trends that can help brighten your winter landscape.

Winter Landscaping Trends

Here are some popular landscaping trends that can help up your winter landscaping game:

  • String lights: Lights aren’t inherently connected to Christmas. You can use string lighting to add cheer and colour to your landscape all winter. It’s especially useful to add interest to trees, which are otherwise bare once their leaves fall.
  • Garlands: If lights aren’t for you, you can always add birdseed garlands to your trees instead. Both the garlands and the birds can add beauty to your space. Just string popcorn, nuts and store-bought bird treats on a string and hang them.
  • Wreaths: Again, wreaths don’t have to be about Christmas. You can add colourful or natural wreaths to your home’s exterior during any season. We suggest you match your wreath to the winter plants you choose from the next section.

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woman putting up string lights outside in winter

Plants for Winter Landscaping

These plants have a ton to offer in the cold season. Consider adding a few to your yard:

  • Cranberrybush viburnum: If you want to add festive colour to your landscape, this bush is one of the best ways to do it. It has white flowers in the spring, followed by red berries that will last all through the winter season. Plus, it’s foliage changes to a deep red or purple in the fall.
  • Birch trees: While most trees will look plain and brown in winter, birch trees offer white bark that stands out and adds significant visual interest. Two of the best varieties for this purpose are paper birch and yellow birch.
  • Plume grass: Lately, it has been very trendy to add tufts of very tall ornamental grass to the landscape. This trend can also help you in the winter as many varieties will stay tall and green through the colder months. We suggest plume grass as one of the best options, as it can stay hardy throughout the winter.
  • Winterberry holly: This is another plant that offers winter berries that can delight you all through winter. The berries are bright red, and the plant has thick green foliage for the rest of the year too. Birds love the holly, but deer don’t, so you can feel free to plant these bushes in rural areas.

Brighten up your landscape this winter with a few of these winter landscaping trends and keep your lawn healthy for the spring. For all of your landscaping needs contact us at Lane’s Landscaping.