Do Interlocking Bricks Cut Down on Construction Costs?

Close up of Interlocking Bricks

Construction materials can be costly. Smart homeowners and home builders are always looking for ways to reduce costs while creating the same quality as a professional build. Interlocking bricks are a great option for this purpose. They don’t just reduce your material costs; they can also reduce your transportation and labour costs. Here’s what you need to know about interlocking bricks and how they can cut down on your construction costs. 

What are Interlocking Bricks? 

Interlocking bricks are engineered bricks that lock into each other without the use of mortar. They use a shear key and lock mechanism to stay in place. They are made from a combination of cement and gravel, compressed into a brick, which makes them highly stable and affordable. These bricks are available from a range of manufacturers in different sizes, styles and colours to suit different projects. 

How Interlocking Bricks Save You Money 

There are at least three ways that using interlocking bricks in your construction will cut your costs: 

  • Material costs: Interlocking bricks are significantly cheaper than the materials they replace. Interlocking bricks tend to be larger than other bricks, so you must compare the cost to buy a square foot of the materials, not just brick-to-brick. Don’t just consider the cost of the bricks, also consider the cost reduction from a lack of mortar and concrete that would be required for other styles of bricks. 
  • Transportation costs: Interlocking bricks are cheaper to transport than heavier bricks. They also don’t require you to transport dry or wet concrete. Transporting interlocking is a simple, single-step process that cuts down the time you spend coordinating multiple materials to arrive at once.   
  • Labour costs: Interlocking bricks require less skill than masonry, so you don’t need to have more expensive professionals on-site to complete the installation. Reducing your skilled labour needs should reduce your overall labour costs.   
  • Meet your timeline: Interlocking bricks are typically faster to install than other materials, because they do not need to wait for mortar to be mixed or dried. When you can deliver your construction project on time, you fulfil your obligations and leave a positive impression on your client. 

Just how much money can interlocking bricks save you? That depends on exactly how much you can use in your specific project and what your costs in general are. However, estimates go as high as savings of 40%. 

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