Why You Should Mulch in March

Although we’re technically still in winter (the first day of spring is Monday, March 20), now is the perfect time to update your garden or tree beds with fresh mulch from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies.

Here’s why.

Flowers blooming in early spring

Your garden is pretty much weed-free at the moment

Right now, those pesky weeds you want to destroy every year aren’t pushing their way through the topsoil.

That’s good.

That also means a few things.

Such as:

  • There’s less work for you to do (you don’t need to pull out weeds)
  • Plants are beginning to grow (and aren’t losing valuable moisture and minerals to weeds)
  • New mulch better keeps weeds at bay (older mulch chips are worn and smaller than new ones)

Mulch prevents weed growth by denying them two vital elements:

  • Access to light
  • An open space to grow through

And the thicker the layer, the less chance you’ll have of weeds poking through.

Four inches is ideal (and you can use our FREE calculator to find out what the right amount for your garden is).

The soil isn’t too hard and not too soft either

It’s impossible to till mulch into your topsoil in winter because the ground is frozen.

And doing so when the spring rain really falls isn’t really effective either. The soil may be too heavy or water-logged.

In March, the soil begins to warm up a little bit; making it easier to lay down and spread your mulch products.

A few other things to note:

  • Mulch can incorporate itself into the soil underneath, thus giving it more structure
  • Fresh mulch prevents moisture/water from escaping
  • Organic mulch is better for water drainage too

If you wait until the middle of spring, it may be too wet to mulch.

And waiting until the summer is simply too late. It’ll be hot, dry and your landscaping won’t benefit from new mulch.

The best time to get that fresh mulch down is right now.

Beautiful, fresh mulch in a garden

It’ll give your garden a pop of colour

In early to mid-spring, your flowers start to bloom.

Your grass starts to return.

Your shrubs, bushes or trees begin to bud.

It’s a stunning visual symphony of colour.

Beautiful red mulch or stunning black mulch simply adds to your outdoor landscaping that’s coming back to life after a cold, dark and long winter.

So when you’re thinking about what colours to add to your garden this spring, don’t forget about the mulch. It’ll make such a difference once it’s in place.

Organic mulch will turn into compost

When mulch is intact, its job is to:

  • Reduce evaporation
  • Control weed growth
  • Prevent soil erosion

Over time, organic mulch will break down (on the other hand, rubber mulch won’t).

Eventually, your fresh mulch becomes compost which your trees or plants can use as an extra source of food.

This usually occurs closer to winter (you can also spread another layer of fresh mulch in the fall, too) meaning your flowers or shrubs have an extra supply of nutrients to last them all winter long.

Need fresh mulch? Come to Lane’s.

Homeowners all over the area choose Lane’s Landscaping Supplies for their mulching needs because:

  • There’s plenty of selection to choose from
  • There’s more than enough mulch on site to meet your needs
  • Delivery services are available

Now’s the perfect time to start. Request a FREE quote on our mulch products or contact us with any questions you have.

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