The New 2015 Permacon Product Lineup

Here at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies we make sure to carry all of the top landscaping products for your home-project needs. Each year we see more top-quality products made available to the public and we vet each and every one so our customers get only the best. This is no different with a few top-quality winners from Canadian concrete producer Permacon.

This year, Permacon has added a few new winners to its already robust product lines.

New Permacon products


Here’s what’s new in 2015:

Esplanade Bullnose Capping: This 24 inch chiseled capping is ideal for finishing steps and walls alike. Bullnose capping looks almost identical to natural stone and comes in monochromatic or contrasting shades to create options that fit with the rest of your landscaping features.

Esplanade also has a bevelled capping option made for pools. With it’s quarter-round profile and long, slim modules bevelled capping delivers a quality finish for discerning homeowners.

Basic capping, which was originally designed to cap pillars built with Permacon wall, comes in four sizes and three different colours (with an additional brown colour available only for the chiseled capping modules). Textured on all five visible sides, Permacon capping delivers a natural look and finishing touch your landscaping project needs.

Related Products

  • Esplanade tandem wall: The stacked-stone appearance of tandem wall blends effortlessly with other Permacon products. It is normally used for retaining walls, columns and double-sided walls, coming in a wide range of vibrant colours.
  • Esplanade steps: This slightly textured concrete step looks almost identical to natural stone for a simple rustic appearance. It comes textured on top and all four sides and id part of an interlocking system for a sturdier build.
  • Esplanade slabs: Coming with a slate finish look and feel, Esplanade slab comes in five different sizes and can be laid down in several different patterns including linear, banding and modular. The simple and clean look of slab is ideal for patios, pathways and even terraces. With it’s smooth finish slab can be used to resurface worn and aged concrete with ease.

Rosebel Slab: Created specifically to mimic traditional flagstone style, Rosebel slab has a randomized pattern that builds a natural and unique look for any patio or paving project. Rosebel slab comes in two shapes, two sizes and in two colours for easy integration into any outdoor project.

The interlocking slab creates a look almost identical to that of traditional slab walkways and decks and comes in at a much more reasonable cost. Ideal for patios, garden paths and walls, Rosebel slab is an ideal building material for many outdoor projects.

Mondrian Stone: With it’s unique texture, chiselled surfaces and clearly defined edges this new stone product adds distinction and sophistication to any project. This next-generation stone can be installed in modular or linear layouts, reduces the need for cuts while reducing waste due to it’s dimensions and comes with additional texturing on some stones to help you build out corners.

Retaining Walls

Coming in three distinct colours, including the brand new Scandia Grey, Modrian Stone blends perfectly with other products such as Trafalgar paver and Mondrian paver and slabs.

With these new additions and longstanding fixtures on our product lines Lane’s Landscaping Supplies continues to to deliver quality and choice to all of our landscaping customers. For more information on these new exciting products, or to request a quote, contact us today.