The Newest Trends in Interlock

Most homeowners dream of incorporating interlocking stone into their property in some manner. Whether it’s for the entire driveway, a small walkway or the entire porch and patio, interlock is a classic, time-tested way to turn heads towards your yard, and has been trusted by homeowners and contractors for years as a great way to add a new appeal to any surface.

And why not? The endless options for shape and style make it an attractive choice for anyone who’s decided to shake things up in the front yard, back yard or both. Like a snowflake, no two interlocking patterns are quite the same, and utilizing this aspect of landscaping brings a personal touch to your paved surfaces.

The coolest thing is that interlock has come a long way in recent years and homeowners are beginning to discover the potential that its evolution offers them for even more fun, stylistic approaches to how they can create their perfect outdoor paradise.

Glow-in-the-dark interlock

glow in the dark interlockNighTec, a company based out of Germany brands itself as the “inventor of light recycling”, has shaken things up by applying its technology to interlock. That’s right: they’ve created glow-in-the-dark interlock, giving homeowners a whole new world of opportunities for a unique, eye-catching design that’s even more beautiful and noticeable at night.

Just imagine coming home after sunset and seeing the path to your front door lit up in a perfect, peaceful pattern. A great way to add even more bliss to your yard – and all done with one of the most commonly used products in landscaping.

Heated interlock

heated interlockHere’s another interesting one, probably more the further north you are in Ontario: heated interlock.

We all know the pain: another classic Canadian snow starts to fall and it comes time to bust out the shovel or snow blower and get to work, knowing that a heated home and hot chocolate await only when the path is clear. Well, you can put the boots, gloves and hats away and pour yourself a cup now, because heated interlock helps homeowners tremendously by melting that pile of snow for them. All you need to do is switch on the heating system and watch the show.

Interlock with StormAbsorb technology

natural stone interlockAnother innovative idea in interlock comes from a company called Interlock Concrete, and offers home and property owners a great way to deal with water management issues. Using its StormAbsorbtechnology, the company created an interlocking system that “reduces storm runoff and flooding and protects local water quality” – and all in a product that’s environmentally friendly.

The product is “ideal for all low-speed traffic areas”, and is yet another impressive advancement in interlocking stone technology. After all, how many people can say their driveway is armed to handle storms and protect itself from damage?


Interlock trends help you create a yard that mixes an aesthetic design with advanced technology.

These trends show that interlocking stone has gone from being a basic aspect of any landscaping project to one with the potential to offer highly advanced technology, adding a whole new appeal to its use in your yard. So give us a call and tell us: which is your favorite? Which one would you most like to see in your next project?

Photo Credits:
Glow in the dark courtesy of NighTec
Stone courtesy of Andrew Malone
Patio construction courtesy of Tristan Ferne