5 Weekend Landscaping Jobs That Instantly Boost Curb Appeal

Got some tired or worn-out looking areas around your landscaping?

Freshen them up with these small jobs which shouldn’t take longer than a weekend to finish.

Luxury Gravel DrivewayFill the “potholes” in your gravel driveways and pathways

Over time, gravel aggregates can wash away, blow away or become compacted from things like:

  • Daily, regular usage
  • Turning or pivoting of wheels (especially from heavy vehicles)
  • When a car or truck is parked on it for an extended period
  • Shoveling snow or raking leaves (obviously in the winter and fall, respectively)

As a result, your gravel driveway or walkways can look uneven or wavy.

Filling in those gaps with landscaping gravel or similar products from Lane’s Landscaping Supplies will instantly smooth them out.

It’ll brighten them up too, because there’s a good chance the colouring of your gravel has faded over time.

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Clean your interlocking pavers

If you haven’t cleaned your interlocking pavers in a while, a weekend’s a good time to spruce them up.

Here’s how to do it quickly and effectively:

  • Use a power washer: This will eliminate the need to use chemical detergents and should be strong enough to remove embedded dirt, stuck-on topsoil and stubborn weeds.
  • Sweep the pavers when you’re done: Use a broom to sweep any sand removed by the pressure washer back between the joints.
  • Try to clean your pavers once a month: Mud, oil stains and salt can quickly accumulate on your interlocking patio stones. Monthly cleaning keeps them bright, shiny and strong.

Bright red mulch in a rock gardenTop up your garden mulch

Mulch is responsible for a bunch of important garden jobs, such as:

  • Locking moisture in the soil
  • Limiting the growth of pesky weeds
  • Providing plants with vital nutrients and minerals

Equally important is providing extra curb appeal with bright, bold colours.

Daily weather conditions (such as rain, heat, sun, wind, etc.) have probably eroded your mulch’s ability to perform all those jobs just mentioned.

As a result, your plants or garden beds might not be getting the care they need to grow and thrive.

Topping up garden mulch over the course of a weekend is fast, easy and protects your plants until the fall.

Bagging weedsPulling out weeds

It’s not fun.

It’s annoying.

But it has to be done.

  • If you’ve been pulling out weeds for a few weeks now, then a weekend clean-up is more about maintenance and keeping your garden’s clean appearance.
  • However if this is your first time weeding in a while, make sure you get as many weeds as possible and that you pull them from the root.

A weekend spent thoroughly pulling out weeds will make a huge difference in how your garden beds look.

It also saves you time too, because future weed pulls won’t take as long or be as extensive.


Once your spring-blooming shrubs have stopped flowering for the season, remove and dead or diseased branches.

This will make sure your bushes and shrubs look neat while protecting them from illness moving forward.

Get ready for weekend landscaping at Lane’s Landscaping Supplies

Going to tackle these small weekend jobs?

Got something else you want to start-and-finish this weekend?

Whatever you need to do, Lane’s Landscaping has the products and tips from the pros to help you get done – fast.

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