The Many Uses of Armour Stone

Retaining wall with armour stone

The use of armour stone as a building material is a tradition that goes back many years. They got their name from their original use as seawall and riverbed lining. They would literally be armour for the shore to wear against the constant bombardment of moving water. Landscaping designers keened onto using them in more recent times and now incorporate them into stunning designs that last for years, and decades, to come which look great with flagstone walkways.

Centerpeices & Focal Points

The most basic of uses for a large rock like this is as a centerpiece in a front or backyard. One can be placed nearly anywhere with style. Once it is set in place you can build a little garden around it, or simply mark out its borders and use mulch to create an interesting and colourful design around it. You can create instant focal points that increase curb appeal. If you create larger designs with the use of mulch you can cut down on your regular maintenance considerably as you don’t need to trim rocks like a hedge, or cut mulch like you do with grass!

Retaining Walls

The other major use for these impressive rocks is retaining walls. Their size alone can allow you to build a wall with no mortar. All it needs is to be properly set with the right backfill and rocks that are cut reasonably square. They can also be set with mortar which can give the wall a more solid look than the rustic and casual walls set with no mortar.

Armour stone walkway

Installing Armour Stone

Putting these rocks into place is no small task. They typically weigh between 400 and 700 pounds. I don’t know about you but I don’t have anything laying about my house that can lift that! Contact one of our expert landscapers at Lane’s Landscaping today to get your armour stone walls and solitary designs transported safely and set correctly.