5 Spring Yard Clean-Up Tips Homeowners Tend To Overlook

With spring in full effect, you probably have a patio maintenance checklist or a collection of landscaping mistakes you want to avoid as you work outside.

Spring Clean-Up Jobs Homeowners Tend to Overlook

In other words, you have a lot on the go.

However, there are some small (but still very important) spring yard clean-up tips homeowners tend to overlook as they move from one task to another.

And while they seem minor and insignificant, they can have a big impact on the health and appearance of your outdoor landscaping.

What are these tips? What happens if you don’t follow them this spring?

Grab your gloves, pull out your tools, and make certain you don’t forget these crucial spring landscaping chores, courtesy of Lane’s Landscaping Supplies.

1. Edging your garden beds

Why it’s important

  • This keeps your garden and tree beds looking crisp, clean, and neat by creating a nice border between them and your lawn.
  • It also prevents unwanted grass from encroaching (and perhaps overtaking) your garden beds.

What happens if you forget?

  • Eventually, grass will invade your garden or tree beds.
  • Also, the wall of an un-edged bed will weaken and become sloped. When that happens, excess topsoil, dirt, and debris will fall into the bedding area.

2. Aerating your lawn

Spring landscaping job: Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Why it’s important

  • Aerating opens up your soil and grass to allow air, water, and other nutrients to flow inside and mitigate soil compaction.
  • After a long, tough winter, aeration helps bring your lawn back to life and boosts its health too.

What happens if you forget?

  • The roots in your grass will continue to weaken. Eventually, they may die, which will end up causing brown spots across your lawn.
  • In addition, the microorganisms inside your lawn will die and cause your lawn to become diseased.

3. Pulling out lawn weeds

Why it’s important

  • Removing pesky lawn weeds ASAP instantly makes your lawn look greener, better, and healthier.
  • Even in winter, weeds can grow. Once spring hits, pulling them out prevents them from completely taking over your grass.

Pulling out weeds

What happens if you forget?

  • If this is a spring yard clean-up tip homeowners tend to overlook, you can soon find your lawn overrun with crabgrass, dandelions and other invasive weeds.
  • Should that happen, it’ll be almost impossible to get rid of them all. Not only that, but those weeds will steal the nutrients, sunlight, and water your lawn needs in spring and summer.

4. Overseeding your grass

Why it’s important

  • Especially for older lawns, overseeding helps with insect/pest resistance, disease, drought, and exposure to heavy foot traffic.
  • Equally as important, overseeding gives your lawn the kick it needs to grow thick and healthy all year long.

What happens if you forget?

  • Any bald spots in your lawn will stay that way. And any thin-looking areas in your grass will weaken and disappear completely.
  • Think of overseeding as getting the flu shot. Each year brings new risks to your lawn (disease, infestations, etc), and not overseeding limits your grass’ ability to fight them off.

5. Cleaning and sealing your patio stones

Why it’s important

Sealing pavers is a spring landscaping job homeowners overlook

  • Any discolourations on your interlocking patio stones may become permanent with prolonged exposure to the hot, spring sun.
  • Sealing your interlocking pavers keeps the elements (wind, heat, rain, etc.) from contacting, impacting, and ultimately breaking down your stones.

What happens if you forget?

  • Your interlock/pavers will start to look dull and old. In turn, that will impact the overall look and feel of your outdoor living spaces.
  • If you don’t seal your paving stones, they’ll become more at-risk to things like oil stains and fading (which can add to your overall interlock cost).

Let us help you with these spring yard clean-up tips homeowners tend to overlook

You’ve got a lot on your spring cleaning task list.

The last thing you want is to have your landscaping become impacted with certain spring yard clean-up tips homeowners tend to overlook.

So, now that you know what you shouldn’t forget, your next step is to get the jobs listed in this blog done.

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