6 Great Projects Using Brussels Block!

Nothing makes your home and your property look better than a fresh landscaping project, and no building material is easier to work with than Brussels Block.

The low cost and aged, tumbled finish of the blocks makes it a one-of-a-kind paving stone that has similarities to aged cobblestone. The irregular edges on each piece gives a completed project character that has both a relaxed and classic design.

Brussels Block projects

There are many landscaping features you can add to your home using Brussels Block. Here’s a list of some of the best ways to use this attractive, low-cost paving stone.

1. Patio

The most popular and common use for Brussels Block is as patio stone. The variety in shapes and sizes allow for complex and colourful patterns or randomized looks that flow well with other garden features. Stones can be easily cut and fitted among standard blocks to build rounded edges of your patio’s border, or to accommodate backyard features such as trees, ponds or even the family pool.

2. Driveways

Another obvious use for Brussels Block is to build a driveway for your home. Paved driveways, although serviceable, can look simple, cheap and can detract from the natural beauty of you home’s curb appeal. Revamping your driveway with a unique paving stone pattern can boost the value of your property and make your home stand out from your neighbours.


Traditional patterns use some of the larger stones as a border along both sides while a mixture of different stones and shapes are used within to create a visual dynamic you can call your own.

3. Walking Paths

Over time homes inevitably build up a good cross-section of outdoor features like potting/tool sheds, ponds, pools, and patios. Consider connecting these landscaping fixtures with paving stone walkways.

With the right colour and design Brussels Block walkways can be used to lead not only your feet, but your eye from one area of your outdoor space to another, pulling together a unified and natural look to your property.

A little unconventional

4. BBQ Pit

While heat-treated BBQ brick must be used for the actual internal BBQ pit, Brussels Block can be used to great effect as a lining stone or for the outer walls of your cooking area. Try using single colours or a combination of Brussels Block and other BBQ stones/bricks to create a design that has visual appeal in line with the rest of your outdoor features.


5. Pond or Garden Lining/Trim

Nearly every yard in existence has at least one or two garden beds placed in both front and backyards. Lining those gardens, or pond areas, in Brussels Block helps to emphasize those landscaping features for more visual appeal. This is especially appealing if you’ve used Brussels Block for other landscaping features on your property. The similar look and feel creates accents that play off each other nicely while delivering an overall theme that pulls your space together aesthetically.

6. Stairwells

Most homes have a least one outdoor stairwell. Whether it’s leading up your front door stoop or leading down to your basement from the outdoors, stairwells built using Brussels Block has that classic look and feel that ties in to your other landscaping efforts.

It’s never a bad idea to buy slightly more Brussels Block than you think you’ll need for your project. This gives you the ability to replace stones if they get stained or broken, or add lining or trim to future landscaping designs.

If you’re looking for a top-notch building material for your landscaping projects look no further than the affordable, durable and beautiful Brussels Block. Contact Lane’s Landscaping Supplies today to request a quote.