How to Make Your Yard a Real Living Space

If you are hoping to spend more time outdoors, creating a real living space in your yard that appeals to your entire family and is conducive to hosting guests can make all the difference in the world. By adding striking upgrades to your yard such as dramatic walkways, shapely wall features, accent and safety lighting, fountain(s), ponds, fireplaces or pits, and more, your ordinary backyard will be transformed into a classy living area that draws people outside to enjoy the best that both nature and man have to offer.

Decide what main features you’d like to create in your outdoor space

When designing your outdoor upgrade, begin by choosing what main attractions you would like to install. Features such as a pond or a stone fireplace must have a dedicated location before you begin to install other items such as decorative walls or smaller stone pathways. You will also need to determine the overall size and shape of the area you intend to cover with interlocking patio stones (known as pavers), then determine whether or not there will be steps involved to compensate for any changes in elevation of your yard.

pond with water-lilys in a yard at home

Choose colors that enhance the beauty of your home

With a general idea of the type of outdoor living area you intend to create, you may wish to begin selecting which colors and styles work best to bring out the beauty of your home. Choosing the main paver color to match the sides of your home, for example, followed by one or more accent colors to coordinate with window shutters, a garage door, your roof, etc. creates a dramatic look. Additional methods of creating contrast include changing the color of the jointing sand, adding borders that are up to 7 stones wide in larger zones, changing the direction of your pavers, etc.

Stone walls and pillars add additional areas of interest

Adding one or more stone walls can promote relaxation in your outdoor living area by separating areas of your patio with different functions, as well as increasing the beauty of the space with curves and accent colors. Walls can also be used to section off areas designated for landscape plants, as well as used as sitting areas when you’re hosting a large crowd. Pillars provide another perfect location to place tropical potted plants and flowers.

Lighting options increase safety and add a touch of class

Proper lighting is critical for nighttime safety and simultaneously adds class to your entire outdoor zone during the evening hours. Naturally, the most important zones to provide adequate lighting are any areas containing steps, all walkway edges, and pool decks. Numerous types of accent lights are available; solar powered options simplify your project by eliminating the need for batteries or wiring of any kind, and can be installed directly into the surface of your pavers, walls, or step surfaces. Specialized luminescent pavers have a normal daytime appearance, but glow in the dark after the sun goes down, safely lighting your paths. Finally, adding garden lights in select locations can draw attention to important or attractive features of your home or yard, such as your address or your favorite flower bed.

lighted wall

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