How to Install a Stone Veneer Wall

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Stone veneer is a very attractive alternative siding material for your home. It may look complicated to install but these steps here show that it is quite simple.

1. Start by stretching roof felt over top of your wall board and then use a staple hammer to tack it up. Use plenty of staples so the felt doesn’t sag.

2. Put a wire mesh over the felt, use a hammer and roofing nails to get it good and secure. The mesh will not have to be completely flush to the wall, but do not allow it to sag more than 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

3. Mix the mortar as per the manufacturers instructions. Push mortar into the wire mesh with a trowel, apply a coat that is about 1/2 an inch thick. Wait for the moment before it hardens completely and scratch lines about half way into the surface. These will act as anchor points for the stones to adhere to, a slick surface does not offer anything to ‘grab onto.’

4. Apply 1/2 an inch of mortar to the back of each stone. Start at the bottom and work up, making sure each stone is set firmly in place. The putty knife or trowel can clean up the edges when mortar comes out along the edges. Once you reach the top you will likely have to use a saw with a masonry blade or a chisel to shape the last row of stones. For the best look you will need to keep the grout lines a consistent width, and keep cleaning them with your putty knife or trowel.

5. Follow the manufacturers directions to make the grout. If one wasn’t supplied, use a grout bag to apply the grout and fill in the lines between the stones. Wait until just before the grout hardens and smooth it over with the putty knife, make sure the knife is clean to give a smooth texture.

6. After a 24 hour curing time take a stiff non-metallic brush to the wall. You can use a wall sealer to seal your stone veneer wall if you desire.

That’s all there is to it. Contact us today to purchase the supplies you’ll need to complete a stone veneer project at your home!