Flagstone Varieties you can Install at Your Mississauga Home

Flagstone patio

Flagstone comes from all over North America and can be delivered to Mississauga for you to install in your home. They come in any manner of different colours, have many different uses, and some varieties are very easy to work with. I’ll look at the major varieties so you can start to get an idea of what you’d like to use in your next walkway, patio or driveway project.

Arizona Flagstone

The most common type of flagstone available is Arizona flagstone. This abundant rock is well known because of its striking colour. The red is the most well known, but they also have a buff colour that can work well with the reds from the area.

Buff Flagstone

Buff flagstone is from New Mexico and has a nice even brown colour. While brown may not be the hardest colour to find this rock has the advantage of being easy to work with.

Pennslyvania Blue

Pennsylvania Blue is a kind of flagstone that has been popular for years. The blue is unmistakable, and the brown tinted ones can be just as striking. I prefer to use them in a water arrangement, they just work so well with the blue of the water.

Flagstone walkway

Colorado Flagstone

Colorado flagstone is another red flagstone. It is slightly rarer than Arizona flagstone due to the high number of quarries in Arizona, but it is just as remarkable of a red. The buff colour is also a great option, and the rock is easy to work with in either colour.

Volcanic Flagstone

If you’re feeling very adventurous try out some volcanic flagstone. This type of rock comes out of the west and is available in four different colours making it very decorative. The colours are black, red, mauve, and a colour that most refer to as buckskin.

Having flagstone like this in Mississauga will be sure to catch some eyes due to how foreign looking it is. We have the flagstone you need for your landscape. Contact us today.