Affordable Landscaping Tips to Help Enhance Your Space

water feature at night

Homeowners often avoid achieving their landscaping goals because they’ve been holding on to the belief that it must be expensive to look the way they want it. The reality is, there are many types of landscaping projects you can take on that are not only affordable but standout just as well as some of the more costly versions.

Take a look at the following affordable landscaping ideas to try this fall and don’t forget to check out our gallery for more inspiration!

Landscaping Ideas that Will Inspire You

  1. Flowerbed border: Add a flowerbed border to define your garden and make it pop. Use stones, bricks or other materials you may already have lying around to create a well-defined border that’s repurposed and inexpensive.
  2. Install a water feature: If you don’t have any natural water on your property, adding a water feature to your landscape can create an elegant touch. Purchasing a simple fountain or bird bath, or even creating one yourself, is easy and cheap.
  3. Create a path: Paths throughout your garden and yard are both aesthetically appealing and practical. Creating paths or walkways are not only useful to help protect your lawn and garden, but are cost effective especially when using salvaged wood or stones.
  4. Add lights: Lights turn your outdoor landscape into a cozy place to spend time at night. A few well-placed garden spotlights or solar lights are an inexpensive way to add some flare to your landscape while making it useful during the evening so that you can enjoy more hours outside.
  5. Incorporate colour: Vibrant garden décor or flowers will add a pop of life to your landscape. Less can be more when it comes to colour – keep it affordable by subtly incorporating colour in specific areas you want to highlight.
  6. Use natural elements: Natural elements such as stone and wood are very much in style. The great thing about natural elements is that you can usually find them rather than buy them. Use items such as dynamic field rocks or beach wood to infuse some character into your landscape.
  7. Clean up: One of the most affordable landscaping tips you can incorporate into your outdoor routine is cleaning. It costs virtually nothing and cleaning can majorly transform the appearance of your landscape. Give your patio or walkways a good sweep and scrub, pick up debris and keep bushes trimmed and tidy to notice a difference right away.

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