Customer Reviews

They go above and beyond!

I get about 95% of my supplies from Lanes Landscaping Supplies. I own a landscaping business. They are close to my home and they always make sure that I have all of the materials that I need. I am always in touch with the owner, Mike. Chad, Nick and Jeff and even the guys in the yard always go out of their way to be helpful. All of their materials are very high quality. They are great guys and help me run my business smoothly.

Chris Zieba on Jun 10, 2014

Excellent selection

Lane’s Landscaping Supplies has a vast selection of lawn and garden supplies that are more than reasonably priced, compared to the handful of other places that I looked at. They also have many high-quality landscaping stones at fantastic prices as well. I enjoyed talking to the staff because they were very knowledgeable and ready to assist with everything that I needed. I’d strongly recommend them.

Franco Maoloni on Jun 09, 2014

All in all, I’ve had very good experiences with them in general.

I have a very good relation with Lanes Landscaping Supplies. They treat me well, and I buy 95% of materials that we need for our company there. I would only go to other companies if there was ever a shortage of materials. You can go to a lot of other places, but they’re very stingy. I’ve gone to Lanes with a cracked block, and they didn’t hesitate to change it for me. When I clients need additional help, I send them to Lanes and they help them out. I really like their customer service since they help me out a lot, and we work really well together.

Joey Huntington on Jun 06, 2014

Best landscaping yard in the gta

Lanes landscaping is the best supply yard in the gta hands down. Great people always willing to help. Always have the supplies you need and the best selection of stone. There yard guys are awesome very helpfull and get u in and out fast. I recommend them to everyone.

Alberto Ribotta on Jun 06, 2014